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CiiV, our core recruitment AI, delivers performance improvements to existing recruitment technology platforms and powers our own, unique custom solutions

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Automated candidate review and ranking
Automatically filter, review and rank candidates against job roles in seconds

Remove the most common bottleneck in the recruitment process

Our first solution, FiiLTER gives valuable time back to recruiters and hiring teams by automating the process of filtering, reviewing and rating candidates against job vacancies.

Ultra fast, AI powered technology works for any role at any level in any industry. Enable 100% consistent, objective and unbiased recruitment of candidates. Reduce time to hire and maximise ROI on recruitment spend.

Intuitive learning capabilities adapts to your business ensuring continuous optimisation and improvement. Enable recruiters to recruit for any role and perform key tasks thousands of times faster and more consistently than doing it manually.

Simple API enables easy integration with existing ATS and recruitment platforms working with available candidate vacancy data and delivering results seamlessly back into the existing workflow.

Automated CV database nurturing and vacancy marketing
Unearth the value in your candidate data and generate a fresh source of new applications

Maximise ROI from candidate data you already own

ARKiiV is an outsourced 'Software With A Service' solution combining database cleaning, nurturing and vacancy marketing. Maximise the potential from talent you've already invested in acquiring and breathe new life into your candidate database:

We give you a clear picture of the value, relevancy and potential of your existing candidate data. Using behavioural dynamic response marketing technology we target the right candidates with the right opportunities at exactly the right time and nurturing them to be ready for current and future opportunities.

Improve your talent and application pipeline with quality, relevant and engaged candidates that were previously dormant in your database. Create valuable brand re-engagement opportunities and give meaning to 'keeping details on file' with high quality, targeted recruitment communications. Enable intelligent forecasting on future recruitment spend and target new markets or sectors based on accurate knowledge of your database strength.

Pre-application screening and vacancy matching
Channel candidates to apply for the right roles. Eliminate irrelevant and spam applications

A smarter front-end to the recruitment process for aspirational brands and high volume recruiters

PREViiEW automatically filters and matches candidates to vacancies before they even apply. Enable intelligent, automated talent pipelining and skills pooling. Recommend jobs to candidates which are relevant based on their skills, experience, qualifications and work history.

Drive higher quality applications into your hiring funnel with engaged, motivated, pre-matched candidates. Block vacancies from view which are unsuitable and reduce irrelevant or spam applications. Improve overall candidate experience and engagement with your brand by intelligently showcasing the right vacancies to the right audience.

Reduce the need to advertise and promote vacancies individually in your talent sourcing activities. Save time and money and improve overall recruitment process quality and experience.

The unique technology at the heart of our solutions
CiiV - to sieve, examine closely, separate out

Using Artificial Intelligence to solve recruitment challenges

CiiV is our proprietary recruitment AI, offering unparalleled levels of automation and power to fix and improve out of date and broken recruitment processes.

Our solutions deliver outstanding performance improvements to key areas of the recruitment lifecycle on their own or through existing technology platforms. Reduce admin, eliminate bias, improve productivity, reduces recruitment spend and create new opportunities. CiiVSoft is aiming to change recruitment .... for the better.

Based on over 50 years of recruitment and staffing industry knowledge along with input from thought leaders across the recruitment world, our unique technology has been developed by recruiters for recruiters.

Making complex simple
We make custom solutions which solve actual more, no less

Speed, efficiency, results

Our custom solutions are designed to fit with your existing infrastructure and address your exact needs. Our rapid prototyping and 'proof of concept' development enables quick, efficient and pain free evaluation of our proposed solution(s).

Unlike other technology providers the solutions we develop aren't designed for the mass market so they don't have any pointless features or fancy bells and whistles which will never be used. Our solutions solve actual problems, save time, money and deliver significant performance imporvements to key stages of the recruitment process.

Our pricing model is transparent and bespoke to each project with no hidden costs. All initial consultation is provided completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation.

To find out more about our solutions or to arrange an initial discussion or demo, call us today on +44 (0)330 223 2411 or complete the contact form by clicking on the link.