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3 Benefits Of Recruitment Automation For The Recruiter

Since the arrival of technology in recruitment, there has been a lot of questioning about the purpose of the recruiter. Even though this intelligent technology can invigorate a variety of recruiter’s day-to-day tasks, in our opinion, the recruiter’s role in the hiring process remains a monumental one.

Although we strongly disagree with replacing the recruiter, we do believe that adopting technology within the hiring process can bring many benefits to both the recruiter and the candidate. Recruitment is about people and therefore, we should be focusing on how these changes within recruitment affect the people involved. Although automating the hiring process may take away some of the recruiter’s tasks, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

1. Time-Saving

Automation tools can screen and shortlist candidates within a matter of seconds. This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process for the recruiter. So, with all of those hours saved, the recruiter can use this time to interact and engage with their candidates.

By becoming more communicative with their candidates, the recruiter can get to know the candidate behind the CV. This allows the recruiter to make better hiring decisions based on the candidate’s technical ability and cultural fit. Therefore, the recruiter can fill their vacancies faster with the confidence that they have hired the right candidate for the role.

2.  Increased Diversity

By using an automation tool to automatically screen candidates, we can significantly reduce unconscious bias occurring within the screening process. Recruitment automation tools present the recruiters with a list of high-quality candidates based on skills and experience rather than other discriminating factors. Reducing this unconscious bias in this initial stage essentially increases diversity within the workplace too.

Thus, by having a more diverse workplace, recruiters can benefit from having a strong brand identity and a good reputation that will continue to attract diverse talent to their company, helping them fill their vacancies with ease and most importantly, keep their current employees happy too.

3.  Re-engaging With Past Candidates

By using an automated candidate rediscovery tool, recruiters can refer to their existing talent database for any live vacancies that they have. This enables them to save a significant amount of time and money re-advertising, sourcing and engaging with new candidates. Providing such a positive and personal experience in the first place enables candidates to feel satisfied with the company, even if they were not successful. Thereby, recruiters can advertise their future roles to candidates who are already hot prospects with the hope that they will still want to work there.

Furthermore, candidates that feel respected are likely to encourage people to apply for the company’s positions in the future by sharing their positive experiences with others.

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