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3 Successes Your Organisation Is Experiencing and the Hidden Recruiting Pain Points Behind Them

Recruiting pain points

Your organisation is exceptionally good at what it does. You continue to lead the way in innovation and are the experts in your industry. Often this means fast company growth, building a desirable brand reputation and entering global markets.

But with company success, what recruiting pain points will follow?

1. Hypergrowth – you’re a fast-growing company

Rapid growth is an exciting phase for any business. There’s potential to access wider markets and provide more services or products to a larger customer base. In order to meet new demand, companies have to scale up and adapt to their evolving business needs.

Recruiting problem

Overnight growth means employing more people to manage the development of the business. New roles, bigger teams and even new offices are needed to help keep up with company growth. This means recruiting more employees and managing a spike in job applications.


Don’t just rely on manual screening to flatten the mountain of job applications. High volume recruitment requires further action. Automatically process job applications using CV screening software. In what would normally take hours in manual screening, screening technology can complete in seconds. Processing thousands of job applications fairly and consistently, whilst also reducing the risk of unconscious bias.

2. Exceptional employer brand

Your hard work in building a strong employer brand has paid off. Applicants view your organisation as an ideal place to work due to powerful marketing initiatives and a positive brand reputation. Due to this, top talent is drawn to your company and expectations during the hiring process are high.

Recruiting problem

Positive branding and employer recognition mean that candidates expect a certain recruitment experience. Many job seekers will view their favourite brand as a desirable place to work and will consequently trust the employer to meet their expectations.

However, as the candidate’s standards are high, the dangers in not fulling their expectations can sacrifice their experience which will reflect negatively upon the brand.


Throughout the hiring journey, communication plays a fundamental role in ensuring a positive candidate experience. During these key hiring processes here’s how to improve communication and engagement.

Sourcing – continue the candidate experience and reengage with past applicants. Directly match them to new job opportunities using recruitment automation.

Screening – consider all job applicants fairly and provide updates to all those who apply. In order to really maximise the candidate experience, implement automation to reconsider unsuccessful applicants for all other open vacancies.  

Interviewing – utilise interview scheduling software to eliminate back and forth emailing and provide candidates with time and date reminders for a streamlined approach.

Onboarding – engage with candidates and help create a smooth transition into their new role to maintain your expectational employer brand.

Global expansion

You’re currently experiencing substantial global growth and expanding into new countries. This means a larger customer pool and greater revenue potential.

Recruiting problem

Reaching global markets means the demand for your products/services also increases. However, finding new talent to fulfil the demands also imposes its own set of challenges. The acceleration in automation means new skills for job roles are changing faster than ever. Over half of companies around the world (54%) have recently reported talent shortage as their greatest challenge.


In order to attract and sustain top talent in a competitive market, it’s vital to provide a personalised experience for candidates. Recruitment technology undertakes job and candidate comparisons and can directly offer job recommendations to candidates based on their skillset and experience. Offering personalised job matches to significantly cut sourcing time and improving the candidate experience.

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