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3 Ways Hiring Technology Can Improve Candidate Experience

Recruitment automation and candidate experience

There’s lots of talk about how hiring technology can provide many benefits for the recruiter – but what about the candidate? The candidate should be treated as a priority within the recruitment process and for this reason, it’s important to consider how the implementation of hiring tech will affect and benefit them.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process sets the tone for the rest of the candidate’s engagement with your brand and potentially, marks the beginning of their long term relationship with you (if they are successful). In order to attract and preserve a candidate’s engagement, you need to make sure that the hiring process is a positive one. A hiring process that is long, unclear with no communication is likely to have a negative effect on your brand identity and consequently, put candidates off. By adopting hiring technology you can overcome a lot of these issues almost instantly.

1. Be Prompt In Your Communication

Hiring technology saves the recruiter a significant amount of time. As a result, this makes the hiring process quicker for the candidate too. Speeding up the process and reporting back to candidates swiftly is obviously very beneficial for the candidate. We can use email automation to respond to candidates about the status of their application and to notify them when a position is filled. No waiting around and no feelings of uncertainty for the candidate. Instead, they will feel respected by your prompt response.

2. Increase Engagement

With so much time saved by automating your candidate screening, you can win back valuable time, time that you can then use to engage with candidates. Meeting with candidates face-to-face and communicating with them throughout the course of the hiring process. By increasing your engagement you are providing a better experience for the candidate by not leaving them in the dark. Increased engagement means that you can spend time getting to know the person behind the CV.

3. Use What You Already Have

It’s important to realise the potential that you have at your fingertips in your existing talent database. You may already have the perfect candidate for your job vacancy and that candidate may not be aware of the perfect vacancy you have for them. By utilising automated candidate discovery technology you can maximise your opportunity to make great hires from the talent you’ve previously engaged with. By sending details of the vacancy to them and targeting them directly you will really impress the candidate. Candidates can rely on you to actually keep their details on file and to match them to any relevant positions in the future. This shows them that you are making the extra effort to help them find a job and that you are engaged with them, even if they weren’t successful in the initial position they applied for.

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