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The 4 Key Skills Of A Modern Recruiter

The recruiter’s role is evolving and a successful modern recruiter is one who can adapt to these changes.

Their job requires more than just making a good job match on paper and with technology and influences shaping the industry, it’s important the hiring professional learns how to embrace the new way of recruiting in a digital age.

Social savvy

They’re social savvy. The modern recruiter knows how to harness the power of social and use it to their advantage. Social Media offers a platform to advertise a role, source candidates and promote employer brand all at a relatively low or non-existent cost. Job seekers can look towards sites such as LinkedIn to find relevant job vacancies and company information. Recruiters can utilise this and connect with job seekers directly to ensure the right job is seen by the right job seeker. Through effective communication, a simple online conversation between recruiter and candidate on a social media site can help put a face to the name and potentially improve the overall candidate experience.

Modern recruiter

Brand ambassador

Employees have the potential to be great brand ambassadors and recruitment is no exception. If employees value the company they work for, effectively,  this can result in their positive perception being dispensed down to their peers verbally and via their social networks.

Therefore the more highly a company’s employees speak of them the more likely new candidates and clients will be inclined to trust and utilise the agency for future work. Whereas if employees criticise their employer this can be detrimental to a companies brand (particularly if done online!).


In a technological era, the modern recruiter must be equipped with the ability to make data-driven decisions. Recruiters can now manage high volume recruiting more effectively and efficiently in a much shorter space of time than manual methods have previously allowed.

Recruiters can choose to interpret the data, through hiring technology initiatives to determine which candidates will be successful in progressing further within the recruitment process. Therefore it is essential they can spot patterns and trends within this data to determine what makes a great hire for a particular role.

Strong communicator

As always, expert communication skills within recruitment is a key requirement for the job role. To maintain a good recruitment reputation, recruiters can build strong relationships with candidates and clients through their communication skills. Whether this occurs online or offline it is crucial the recruiter maintains professionalism and a level of approachability within their role.

The rise of online reviews means a negative review can affect an agency’s reputation and cause candidates or clients to question the quality and validity of their services. Unfortunately as sometimes this is inevitable, how a recruiter chooses to respond to a review is key to resolving the issue. An apologetic and rational reply that understands the unhappy reviewers perspective will help resolve the issue much faster than a defensive unprofessional response.

Do you agree? Have we missed anything you think makes a good recruiter? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @CiiVSOFT.

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