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5 Incredible uses of AI in Recruitment

Companies in the past decade have transitioned to data-driven hiring. With the growing demand for AI in every field, it has already made its way in the recruitment process too.

While AI in recruitment is still at a nascent stage, it is currently used to automate manual screening and scheduling tasks.

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So, what is the role of AI in recruitment?

AI in the recruitment industry helps in shortlisting the ideal candidate while eliminating manual tasks. In addition, it is used to automate repetitive works like CV screening.

It can analyze the data of a company’s talent pool and shortlists the candidates based on that. It can also help in blind screening for a reduced bias.

Especially in the case of urgent hiring, technology is the way to go. Manual resume processing can not work at the time when a recruiter needs to fill a vacancy in a short period of time.

It’s widely acknowledged that there is a huge scope for AI in an ever-evolving field like recruitment. Let’s dive deeper into the 5 most promising uses of AI in the recruitment industry.

1. Personalized Pre-Hire Tests

Adaptive tests have come a long way. From standardized tests like SATs and GRE to skill assessments for hiring purposes. A suitable pre-hire skill assessment can uniquely identify the competency level of candidates. Moreover, such personalized job hire tests could also identify skill gaps to influence how much training new employees need.

Not just limited to the contents of a test, AI is often used to monitor live tests. With most assessments happening remotely, AI-based proctoring is widely used while conducting online tests. In addition, AI is used to flag any malpractice or suspicious behavior by test takers. Thus, AI is proactively used to detect and prevent cheating during high-stakes exams and pre-hire tests.

2. Automation of manual tasks in recruitment

The biggest manual labor for Recruiters is scheduling telephonic calls and interviews with applicants. It takes top-notch organizational skills to accommodate multiple candidates and multiple interviewers across multiple rounds.

This is the perfect recipe for the intervention of AI in recruitment. AI tools could be used to identify and suggest the best bookable time slots. Artificial Intelligence can streamline the workflow by blocking the calendar of the interviewee, interviewer, and periodic reminders to all.

3. AI-based Resume Parsing

Have you recently uploaded your resume while applying for a job? You would have come across an applicant tracking system that uses AI to analyze your resume. Let’s understand how.

Companies today make use of AI at a resume screening level. Instead of skimming through hundreds of resumes, recruiters rely on AI. AI-powered Resume parsers can rank candidates based on how closely their skills match the job opening. What’s more? Machine Learning models can be trained to prioritize the resumes according to previous hiring decisions.

4. AI-powered video interviews

With natural language processing making massive strides, AI is often being used at the interview stage. For example, in recorded video interviews, also known as Asynchronous video interviews, NLP analyzes candidate speech to make recommendations.

AI is used to rate candidates on a wide range of parameters like communication skills, tonality, energy, and style of answering. That said, this analysis is best used for sales and customer-facing roles.

5. Chatbots in Recruitment

Conversational AI in recruitment has always had a strong use case. Progressive companies often deploy recruitment chatbots on their career pages. Chatbots also referred to as conversational agents, are used to increase the recruitment funnel.

It’s not that difficult to understand why! Today’s job market is candidate-driven. Applicants are keen to understand the job role and the company culture before applying. These chatbots interact with candidates in a human-like manner. Often, suggesting them towards the right opening.

The Big Question – Will AI replace human recruiters in the recruiting process?

There has been a growing fear that AI could replace the jobs of recruiters and HR professionals. However, these fears are largely unfounded.

AI in the recruitment industry can only be an extension of the teams. Not a replacement.

The truth is, no matter how advanced an AI gets, it cannot replace humans in HR. Ethical AI must only be used to augment decision-making. After all, HR stands for Human Resources. From making hiring decisions to onboarding employees and drafting company policies, a human’s role can never be discounted.

About the Author

Amrit Acharya is the head of products at Xobin. Amrit and his team help over 600 companies with bias-free recruitment using online assessments. An avid tennis fan, Amrit writes about recruitment optimization, hiring strategies, and product management.


  1. hiresmart

    Thanks for sharing this useful post. The entire process of candidate recruitment and selection has undergone a transformational change with innovative software such as Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Bryan

    Fab! Artificial intelligence for recruitment helps the ideal shortlisted candidate while eliminating manual tasks and being used to automate repetitive tasks.

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