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Automation for successfactors

How To Gain An Extra Edge in Recruiting With An Automated Add-on For SuccessFactors

As an active SuccessFactors user, I’m sure you’re well aware of the platform’s recruiting functionalities and features. Investing in HR tools is a great way to manage various functions such as recruiting, HR and payroll, talent management and employee experience. … Read More

How to make recruitment more inclusive

How To Make Recruitment More Inclusive and Champion Diversity

Inclusive recruitment is the action of being included during all recruiting stages. Prioritising inclusivity aims to eliminate as much bias as possible throughout the hiring lifecycle and achieve an all-around fairer hiring experience for everyone. How? Remove prejudice, bias and … Read More

Hobbies On A Job Application Aren't A Top Priority For Recruiters Anymore

Why Hobbies On A Job Application Aren’t A Top Priority For Recruiters Anymore

For many years it’s been the norm to include hobbies and interests in a resume but is it as important as it once was? In an ever-growing recruitment technology world, some argue there’s no place for this information anymore. With … Read More

CiiVSOFT reduce time to hire

How To Reduce The Time To Hire With Recruitment Automation

As a recruiter, you know how important it is to keep hiring times down to a minimum. Many hiring teams race to fill positions quickly to avoid long wait times and the increased probability of candidates dropping out. The time … Read More

3 Real-World Examples Of Unconscious Bias In Recruitment

3 Real-World Examples Of Unconscious Bias In Recruitment Unconscious bias in recruitment massively affects diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Are you subconsciously choosing one candidate over another because of a feeling you had? Humans tend to make decisions based … Read More

Win back candidate after bad candidate experience

How To Win Job Seekers Back After A Bad Candidate Experience

Candidate experience derives from the emotions and perceptions a candidate forms during their hiring journey. The goal is to provide a positive experience and to ultimately build an overall positive brand image. Which can help candidate retention, decrease dropout and … Read More

The top recruitment automation tools

The Top 10 Best Recruitment Automation Tools To Suit All Your Hiring Needs

Recruitment automation automatically completes manual and administrative tasks, Its never phased by recruiting volume which makes it an essential component in building a fast, efficient and consistent hiring process. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recruitment automation tools that … Read More

High volume hiring

5 Challenges in High Volume Hiring

High volume hiring is the practice in which hundreds or even thousands of job applications are received for each role. This can be multiplied depending on the number of job vacancies available. High volume hiring is often referred to as … Read More

Recruitment and hiring stats

The 5 Most Important Recruitment and Hiring Stats You Need To Know From 2021

2021 has become a bounce-back year for recruitment and hiring. Getting back on track has been a priority for many employers who are now experiencing a rise in job vacancies, applications and new hires. But since the pandemic began many … Read More

What Remote Hiring Means For Your Business

Many of us have adapted to remote work and working outside of the traditional office space. As our day to day work routine changes, it also means that we way we hire has also been greatly impacted. In the past, … Read More

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