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Multi-national rolling stock manufacturer, Alstom saved 82% time in screening job applications

Alstom uses CiiVSOFT to meet the demands of their high volume job applicant intake.

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Rolling Stock



Global footprint

68 countries



The situation

As a consequence of the company size and global reach, the organisation spent many hours screening CVs/resumes and sought automation to keep up with hiring demand and help manage huge increases in job applicant interest.


Resume screening automation for high-volume recruitment

CiiVSOFT introduced back-office resume screening automation to meet the pace of the Alstom’s recruiting efforts.


Significantly reduce the hours recruiters spent screening CVs.

Manage increasing CVs to improve screening speed and consistency.

Enable 24/7 recruiting support across multiple locations and languages.

Improve candidate response time and engage with best matching candidates quickly.

The results

Over the 12 months in 2023 CiiVSOFT processed over 725,000 job applications resulting in 4,350 hires.


Client estimated annual cost savings


Global Hires across 68 countries


Hours saved in screening

“We have experienced a massive improvement in time management, efficiency and a reduction of the risks of bias in early stage screening since we partnered with CiiVSOFT. Their automated applicant screening solution is a great plugin ans supports our global hiring strategy.”

HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager – Alstom

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