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On-demand delivery app Glovo gained 80% in time savings with CiiVSOFT screening

Hypergrowth quick commerce delivery service, Glovo utilises CiiVSOFT to meet the demands of their high volume job applicant intake.

CiiVSOFT case study


Delivery service



Global footprint

790+ cities



The situation

As a consequence of rapid growth and development, the organisation spent many hours screening CVs/resumes and sought automation to keep up with hiring demand and help manage huge increases in job applicant interest.

Case study


Resume screening automation for high-volume recruitment

CiiVSOFT introduced back-office automation to meet the pace of the business’s expansion.


Significantly reduce the hours recruiters spent screening CVs.

Manage increasing CVs to improve screening speed and consistency.

Enable 24/7 recruiting support across multiple locations.

Improve candidate response time and engage with best matching candidates quickly.

The results

In the first six months of 2021, the organisation saw significant improvements in application screening efficiency and candidate response times.


Candidate and job comparisons


Total number of hires



CiiVSOFT has helped Glovo to reduce the time spent looking for relevant profiles

CiiVSOFT processed 107,000 new job applications and made 9,250,000 candidate and job comparisons within the first 6 months of 2021. 

Screening job applications in over 15 countries and finding 241 new employees to date.

case study ciivsoft

“Since we started working with CiiVSOFT, the time spent looking for relevant profiles has reduced considerably. CiiVSOFT helped us to find 3506 aligned profiles within 72,244 applicants.”

Global Business Recruiter – Glovo

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