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CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration

CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration

We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with the global talent acquisition suite, Lever. The integration allows CiiVSOFT and Lever users to support their hiring strategy with scalable recruitment automation tools.

Lever, is an end-to-end talent acquisition solution that combines ATS and CRM capabilities into one platform. Lever makes it easy for talent teams to reach their hiring goals and to connect companies with top talent. Providing hiring teams with the solutions they need to source and build strong relationships with candidates.

Seamlessly automate back-office recruitment tasks

The CiiVSOFT and Lever integration offers an automated solution to tackle high volume and low-value administrative recruitment tasks. Designed to free up time for recruiters and hiring teams to reinvest back into the high-value areas of their work. Synchronised connectivity with Lever means there are no additional logins or separate user interfaces. CiiVSOFT operates behind the scenes to boost functionality whilst ensuring existing recruiting workflows remain optimised.

  • Improve CV screening: accurately screen 100% of all incoming job applications fairly and consistently
  • Search and match candidates: automatically screen and match past applicants to new job opportunities inside your candidate database
  • Maximise talent potential: instantly screen and refer unmatched applicants to all other open job vacancies

Start automating recruiting tasks

With this integration, Lever users can reduce the time to fill, save costs, minimise bias and improve the candidate experience. CiiVSOFT’s automated tools help hiring teams get to decision making stages faster and leave more time to invest in the candidate.

CiiVSOFT is now available to Lever customers. To learn more visit:

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