• FiiLTΞR®
    application filtering

    Save time and streamline
    response handling

Automate 'top of the funnel' application response handling

Eliminate the need to manually review CVs and job applications against open vacancies
Save time and increase productivity with fast, consistent and unbiased first screening of job applications right within your existing ATS or HR system

Automatically review, filter and shortlist applications

Automated application response handling right within your ATS or HR CRM suite. Save thousands of hours in reviewing job applications.

  • replace time consuming ‘manual screening’
  • enable recruiters to focus on the best matching candidates fast
  • equal, fair, consistent and unbiased first-screening of applications
  • never leave the ATS environment
  • single batch or ‘on-the-fly’ screening
  • automated processing in 30+ languages
  • GDPR compliant




Synchronised with your business

FiiLTΞR operates seamlessly with most popular ATS platforms.

  • Zero disruption to your existing workflow or recruiting process
  • Unlimited processing capability for any number of vacancies and applications
  • Fast setup and on-boarding with no development required
  • Seamless synchronisation with your existing ATS or HR CRM suite



Always on and available when you need it

FiiLTΞR is an ‘always on’ solution working around the clock for your business

  • Available 24/7 around the globe
  • Reviews, filters and screens applications when they are received
  • Continuous synchronisation with target ATS platforms
  • Hiring teams are supported around the globe, wherever, whenever
  • Only pay for what you use with a ‘per application’ pricing model




Safe, secure and GDPR compliant

Your data is safe with us. We do not store or process personal data as defined by the GDPR. We are CYBER ESSENTIALS CERTIFIED and meet the highest industry standards for our platform and cloud infrastructure with multiple protection layers in place to ensure your data is totally secure.

FiiLTΞR is the fast, stress free answer to time consuming manual response handling

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