CiiVSOFT integrated with Greenhouse
Three products, one solution


FiiLTΞR® - Automated applicant review, filtering and sifting

FiiLTΞR eliminates the need to manually review resumes and applications. Automated applicant filtering and sifting technology streamlines initial screening, increasing productivity and eliminates risks of bias. FiiLTΞR also seamlessly synchronizes with Greenhouse meaning there’s no disruption to your existing workflow or additional training required.

Automate ‘top of the funnel’ application review, screening and sifting

Increases productivity, improves efficiency and provides consistent results

Eliminate time consuming manual screening of applications

Enable recruiters to focus on the best matching candidates

Fair, consistent and unbiased first-screening of applications

Replace ‘manual screening’ with an automated solution that considers all applicants

ARKiiVΞ™ - Automated candidate search and discovery

Unleash the potential in your Greenhouse database! Automated database search and candidate discovery creates valuable hiring opportunities from candidates already at your fingertips.

Automate early stage sourcing

Eliminate the need for manual database searching

Get a head start on candidate sourcing for new vacancies

Right within your existing talent database. Reducing talent sourcing and advertising spend

Maximize hiring opportunities from talent already in your Greenhouse database

Give meaning to ‘keeping candidate details on file’

FiiNDΞR™ - Advanced database search tool

Our FiiNDΞR™ service provides users with enhanced data search functionality in Greenhouse. Users can conduct ‘deep’ searches with multiple custom search queries and complex profiling.

Advanced search functionality for ‘deep’ searching of your candidate data

An easy to use search interface

Seamless synchronisation with Greenhouse

Fast and easy to set up with no long-term contracts

GDPR compliant

All available solutions are GDPR compliant


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