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ARKiiV - Our custom integration for Greenhouse

Advanced search + smart applicant filtering + automated vacancy marketing
for Greenhouse customers

See how our custom all-in-one solution unleashes the potential of your Greenhouse data, optimises recruitment and gives valuable time back to users

Advanced database search

ARKiiV provides Greenhouse users with enhanced database search functionality. Utilising our unique search technology Greenhouse users can conduct in-depth skills and profile searches of their applicant data. In addition ARKiiV provides a real time, in-depth view of your candidate data via an easy to view dashboard.

Did you know ARKiiV Advanced Search is available on Greenhouse right now?
  • Advanced skills based search functionality for ‘deep-dive’ searching of your candidate data
  • Easy to use search interface
  • In depth database analytics including database health and applicant / skills distribution

Advanced search capability

Our unique search methodology enables in-depth skills and profile searching in your Greenhouse database. Quickly find the best matching talent stored in your Greenhouse database via our easy to use interface.

Real-time data insights

Get deep real-time insights into the depth and detail of your Greenhouse database including skills, profile and distribution metrics.

Auto-discovery & vacancy marketing

Utilise the great talent already in your Greenhouse database

Create a new job in Greenhouse and ARKiiV automatically searches for relevant, matching candidates already in your database. Matched candidates receive automated job notifications with a link to view and apply for the job on your Greenhouse hosted company Careers Page.

  • Unleash the potential hidden in your talent database
  • Save unnecessary spend on job advertising for new vacancies via external job boards
  • Drive valuable brand re-engagement and generate applications from talent you’ve previously acquired!


Accurate, automated candidate search

Creation of a new job requisition triggers automated searching for relevant, matching candidates within Greenhouse. Proprietary recruitment technology reviews candidate suitability based on multiple profile layers

Targeted vacancy promotion

Relevant, matched candidates receive automated, targeted job notifications with job information and link to apply on your Greenhouse hosted Company careers page

Reduce spend, maximise ROI

Generate applications and hires from your existing candidates and prospects. Reduce spend on advertising open positions on external job boards. Give meaning to keeping candidate details on file!

Real time analytics & reporting

Get real time analytics and performance data. Quickly track engagement levels and response rates and get deep visual insights into the quality of your existing candidate data via our easy to view dashboard interface

Smart applicant filtering

Automatically review, filter and score every new application for live vacancies. Our proprietary recruitment technology reviews each candidate based on multiple skills and profile layers for the entire duration of each job vacancy.

  • Get to the best matching candidates fast and eliminate the need to manually review each application
  • Automated screening ensures 100% fairness, consistency and elimination of bias in application review
  • Give valuable time back to hiring teams enabling them to focus on engaging with candidates

Intelligent candidate profiling

Proprietary recruitment technology reviews candidate suitability based on multiple skills and candidate profile layers. Get to the best matching fast and eliminate the need to manually review applications.

Time saving automation

ARKiiV works around the clock reviewing applications for your live vacancies. Seamless integration with Greenhouse means there’s no additional workload or change to your Greenhouse user experience.

Dynamic candidate ranking

View ranked candidate applications for each vacancy via our easy to use dashboard interface. Candidate results dynamically update as new applications are processed so you never miss out on the best matched candidates for your open vacancies.

Consistent, unbiased, fair

ARKiiV relies on our proprietary recruitment technology to screen and review candidate applications. It eliminates the risk of bias in applicant screening and ensures total fairness and consistency in the early stages of the recruitment life-cycle.


ARKiiV is available to Greenhouse customers on a flat-fee, unlimited user basis with no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time.
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