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How To Keep Candidates Engaged During Your Hiring Process (And Afterwards)

Attracting talent to your vacancy can sometimes be a minor task within recruitment. If you have a winning job advert and attractive employer brand, you should have no trouble attracting top-quality candidates. On the other hand, the challenging part of your hiring process can often be retaining candidates throughout the course of your hiring process.

If your hiring process is time-consuming, outdated and lacks engagement, candidates can soon begin to lose interest in your company. It’s important that your hiring process possesses the following features to keep candidates from looking elsewhere…

Deliver a personal hiring experience

Candidates want maximum engagement throughout their hiring process and it’s important that your company can offer this. By automating your most time-consuming tasks such as screening and shortlisting, you can use the time saved to get to know your candidates better. Automation saves you such a significant amount of time, allowing you to promptly respond to your candidates about the status of their applications. By saving this time, you are able to answer any queries that the candidate has in a timely fashion, showing a high level of respect.

This level of interaction helps the candidate to feel valued and respected by your brand. Although automation does massively quicken the process, it’s important not to lose the human aspects of your hiring process. For instance, automating every single response and providing no human interaction can make candidates feel disheartened. Candidates want to engage with humans and it’s crucial that your company finds the right balance of automation and human touch.

Show off your company culture and values

This increased engagement not only helps you to make better and quicker hiring decisions but also helps the candidate get to know the culture and values of your company. By providing a particularly personal and thoughtful experience, candidates will become loyal to your brand. Through assessing candidates by their cultural fit as well as their technical ability,¬†candidates will feel more suited to the role and to your company, knowing that they are not only qualified for the role but that they ‘fit in’ with your values and culture. It’s important that candidates can find out all they can about your company before they commit to working there. By familiarizing them with your company, they will feel more secure working for a brand with a strong employer brand. Their overall experience with your employer brand will help them to remain inquisitive and interested in working for you.

Keep candidates engaged after your initial hiring process

Hiring decisions can be difficult, especially when you are interviewing a selection of highly skilled candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. You may suggest keeping the other candidate’s data on file for future vacancies. Although it is a kind thought, it’s more often said than done. This is where adopting an automated sourcing tool comes in very handy. By adopting a candidate rediscovery automation within your hiring process you can reconsider candidates for future vacancies with ease. By considering them for other opportunities, you will continue to personalise their experience with you even after their initial hiring process. Through such high satisfaction, these candidates will be more likely to consider working for you in the future.

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