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How To Manage Quantity & Quality In Your Recruitment Strategy

Is it achievable for hiring teams to manage a high volume of job applications and still have the time to ensure a consistent and effective end result? Without the assistance of technology, this may be difficult. Whereas for those who are less dependent on using manual methods within their recruitment strategy, it creates the possibility to manage both quantity and quality in their recruitment process.

How to manage…


According to Glassdoor, each corporate job opening on average attracts over 250 applicants. To manually screen these applications is at worst unfeasible and at best extremely time-consuming. When employers advertise more than one role, that number quickly multiplies and it becomes even more difficult to manage the process effectively. These pressures can cause recruiters to scan through applicants’ details too quickly, potentially missing valuable information and ultimately, missing out on the best talent for their vacancies.

However, technology can be used to simplify these time-consuming but crucial recruitment tasks and give valuable time back to recruiters whilst at the same time improving consistency and quality at these crucial early stages of the recruitment life cycle. For example, to manage a high number of job applicants and CVs, automation can be used to assist in the filtering and ranking of candidate applications. This simplifies the initial screening process and produces results in minutes rather than hours. Technology helps to eliminate human bias, considering a huge range of data points to establish a likelihood of fit against the job description.


The key to making high quality hires is to ensure HR and recruitment teams utilise their time and resources efficiently. Through a technology-led approach in candidate screening, it allows for additional time to be invested into the candidate, to help improve the hiring experience for both parties.

Within the recruitment process, interacting and communicating with applicants enables hiring professionals to gain a greater understanding of the candidate’s personality and capabilities beyond their CV. Which can make it that much easier to place the right candidate in the right role.

Human interaction is invaluable during the hiring process. It ensures a candidate is informed and updated on the status of their application. Through humanised aspects of the recruitment process, it promises an improved candidate experience, which is key to building an employer brand and increasing the probability of candidates accepting the job offer or applying again to the company in the future.

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