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How To Reduce The Time To Hire With Recruitment Automation

CiiVSOFT reduce time to hire

As a recruiter, you know how important it is to keep hiring times down to a minimum. Many hiring teams race to fill positions quickly to avoid long wait times and the increased probability of candidates dropping out.

The time to hire is measured by the time in which a candidate applies for a job vacancy to the time they accept a job offer. On average, this is around 42 days.

Some industries face even higher times to hire with engineering job hunters facing the longest waits. Averaging a massive 49 days – according to LinkedIn.

Average time to hire = 42 days

Time to hire fluctuates in length due to different factors. High volume workloads and skills shortages are two of the most common reasons why candidates face a long time to hire.

Reduce the time to hire

Implementing automation to reduce the time to hire

So how can we reduce the time to hire? One proven way to reduce long waits is to automate back-office recruiting tasks. Doing so frees up plenty of time for hiring teams and in turn, shortens the time to hire for candidates.

Average time to hire using CiiVSOFT automation = 14 days

CiiVSOFT is helping companies significantly reduce the time to hire with resume screening and matching technology. Reviewing applicants consistently against job vacancy data points such as skills and experience. Whilst completing the screening processes in seconds and helping businesses reduce screening time by 91%.

With a huge headstart, recruiters can refocus their time on progressing candidates forward to the interview and offer stages.

Businesses choose automation to engage with candidates faster

To build a positive candidate experience, you need first to make the right impression. Candidates will not be satisfied if you’re slow in your response time or ignore them altogether. That’s why technology is beneficial in helping you get to talent faster. Application to the first touch by a recruiter,

CiiVSOFT helps to reduce candidate engagement time to only 1 day. This is the time period from an application to the first touch by a recruiter.

Average candidate engagement time using CiiVSOFT = 1 day

This means you can start engaging with talent much faster because CiiVSOFT undertakes the heavy lifting of job application screening and talent searching.

If you’re looking for ways to speed up the hiring process get in touch and book a demo to see how CiiVSOFT works for your business.

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