Helping iCIMS customers win the war for talent

Learn how RESUMED our branded integration automates the talent sourcing workflow in iCIMS

Automated, resume search and vacancy marketing inside the iCIMS platform

Create a job in iCIMS and RESUMED automatically searches for relevant candidates in the iCIMS applicant database. Relevant candidates receive automated, targeted job notifications encouraging them to apply via their existing iCIMS account; re-engaging them with your brand and providing a valuable source of fresh, qualified applications for new vacancies.

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Key benefits:

  • Fully automated with no additional workload or impact on user journey
  • Improves efficiency, saves time and adds valuable new functionality
  • Eliminates unconscious bias in candidate sourcing

Automated resume search

Creation of a new job requisition triggers automated resume search within the iCIMS client applicant database.

Intelligent candidate profiling

Proprietary recruitment technology reviews candidate suitability based on multiple skills and candidate profile layers. Get to the best matching fast and eliminate the need to manually review applications.

Targeted vacancy marketing

Relevant candidates receive automated, targeted job notifications with job information and link to apply via their existing iCIMS account.

Automated shortlisting

Automatically receive details of best matching candidates directly to your inbox so you can start working on vacancies straight away.

Reduces spend, maximises ROI

Generates applications and hires from previously sourced, engaged candidates and maximises the opportunity in the resume database.

Saves time and money

Automatically finds previous applicants who are relevant for new positions. Reduce spend on external sourcing to source or reacquire candidates.

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