Helping iCIMS customers win the war for talent

Learn how RESUMED our branded integration automates the talent sourcing workflow in iCIMS

Automated resume search, vacancy marketing and application filtering

RESUMED provides iCIMS customers with a suite of recruitment automation tools which save time and money in hiring, improve efficiency, reduce the risk of bias and improve candidate engagement with your brand.

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Key benefits:

  • Recruitment automation features gives valuable time back to hiring teams
  • Improves efficiency, saves money and adds valuable new functionality
  • Eliminates unconscious bias in candidate sourcing
  • Improves candidate experience and creates valuable brand re-engagement

Automated resume search

Creation of a new job requisition triggers automated resume search within the iCIMS client applicant database.

Targeted vacancy marketing

Relevant candidates receive automated, targeted job notifications with job information and link to apply via their existing iCIMS account.

Reduce spend, maximize ROI

Generates applications and hires from previously sourced, engaged candidates and maximises the opportunity in the resume database.

Drive brand re-engagement

RESUMED creates valuable brand re-engagement and hiring opportunities from, talent that’s already at your fingertips and bought into your brand.

Automated application filtering & ranking

RESUMED reviews, filters and ranks every new candidate application. Get to the right candidates fast by eliminating the need to manually filter applications. Ensure fairness, consistency and protection against bias.

Multifaceted manual search functionality

Intuitive search technology lets you conduct fast, ‘deep-dive’ searching of your candidate data across multiple profile layers and data points.

Real time analytics & reporting

Get real time analytics and performance data. Quickly track engagement levels and response rates and get deep visual insights into the quality of your existing candidate data via our easy to view dashboard interface

Fair, consistent and bias free

RESUMED relies on proprietary recruitment technology to screen and review candidate applications. It eliminates the risk of bias in applicant screening and ensures total fairness and consistency in the early stages of the recruitment life-cycle.

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