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A New Age Of Hiring Automation

Hiring automation is the technology by which processes are carried out without the dependence on manual human input. This is at its most beneficial when used to minimise different stages of the recruitment process.

To completely automate the entirety of a hiring process can be detrimental. Placing 100% of the trust in automation without human guidance can cause a loss in human interaction as well as an overall more impersonal feel to the recruitment strategy. That will later compromise on effective communication and the candidate experience.

Alternatively, hiring automation is most effective when used to aid human workload, not replace.

Automated integrations

Hiring integrations work when third-party solutions obtain API access to an ATS. The purpose being? Automated solutions allow for employers to get more from their recruitment process. Financially and time effective as there is no need to completely overhaul their current process and ATS provider.

Take, for instance, an employer that has noticed a significant candidate dropout. To understand WHY and WHERE this is happening? There are integrated solutions that provide an overview of data and valuable information that could be key indicators in answering those unanswered questions.

Understanding the modern recruiter

In which areas does the hiring professional spend most of their time?

The Challenge

A common pain point for hiring teams is sourcing talent. The DICE 2018 Recruitment Automation Report determines that almost half (49%) of hiring professionals spend at least 30 hours a week sourcing talent. A considerable amount of time could be better utilised in other aspects of their role,  an area that automation could never effectively replace… humanisation.

Solution: Automated candidate search and discovery

Fortunately, ATS integrations have the capability to provide features that can really maximise hiring efforts. For employers aiming to reduce the time spent sourcing new talent, hiring teams can automate the search and discovery process. This will enable them to look towards existing talent within their ATS database.

The Challenge

Dealing with an increase in the number of CVs per job opening.

The more CVs = the greater increase in manual screening times. According to Robert Half hiring managers will spend 5.19 days screening job applications. Making it one of the most time-intensive tasks during a 28-day recruitment process.

For example, different individual roles could each be receiving around 150+ applications. Multiply that by 20 live vacancies and it becomes very difficult to ensure every single CV is considered, consistently and fairly.

This can become a great risk to employers, who are faced with high dropout rates and difficulty in finding qualified candidates.

Solution: Automated screening technology

So instead of stretching further internal recruitment and HR resources – implementing automated applicant filtering and sifting technology will eliminate the need to manually review job applications. A key timesaver designed to increase productivity and promote diversity with a fast unbiased first screen of job applications. Occurring right within an existing ATS!

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