Augmented vs Artificial Intelligence


We create our solutions based on the principles of Augmented Intelligence or Intelligence Amplification as it’s other wise known.


Augmented Intelligence is very different from Artificial Intelligence which many organisations are striving to develop. Where Artificial Intelligence focuses on developing technology to ‘replace’ human intelligence, Augmented Intelligence is based on the principle of creating technology to support, aid and improve human decision making.


The technology behind our products has been developed through a unique collaboration of recruiters and technologists who understand the industry, processes and challenges. Our solutions are designed to save time, increase efficiency and improve recruitment for recruiters and candidates. They are delivered seamlessly through existing recruitment technology platforms already being used by organisations every day.

People lie at the centre of recruitment. Hiring the right people is crucial to any business and that’s often the biggest challenge.

Recruitment is, like people, complicated. It’s hugely process driven with a wide range of complex data points which need to be processed in the decision making process. Our Augmented Intelligence based solutions automate key, time intensive processes giving valuable time back to recruiters and hiring teams enabling them to focus on the people oriented elements of recruitment.

We make sense of all the data involved in recruiting and provide tools to source, attract and screen candidates and make faster, better decisions through our seamless integrations with existing recruitment technology platforms.

We believe the decision to hire a person needs to be made by a person rather than a piece of technology. Our solutions help you get to that decision stage more quickly and efficiently.

“Artificial Intelligence suggests that technology can replace the need for humans in the decision making process. We believe that technology should be used to help humans make better decisions”