• Outsourced
    application filtering

    Our on-demand solution for sifting and ranking job applications.

Eliminate the need to manually review job applications

Our applicant filtering technology accurately reviews, filters and ranks job applications and CVs against vacancies.
Save time and increase productivity with fast, consistent and unbiased first screening of job applications
Pick up and use with NO INTEGRATION REQUIRED

Take the tour below to see how our simple 3 step solution works


We ingest job vacancy and application data into our batch application filtering platform ready for processing.

  • Easily batch upload data via our simple, secure private client interface
  • Multiple formats, languages and file types supported
  • Eliminate the need to manually screen and review applications



Our batch applicant filtering platform schedules your roles for processing after passing in-house quality checks. Our system reviews, filters and ranks every application against the requirements of the job vacancy thousands of times faster and more accurately than doing the job manually.

  • Automated filtering and screening algorithm reviews applications thousands of times faster than manual screening
  • Accurate, consistent and completely unbiased ‘blind’ first filtering of applications
  • Provides valuable evidencing of fairness in the screening process


When processing is complete you receive a notification that your results are ready.  You can access the results via your private, secure client interface.

  • Automated scoring and ranking ensures you get straight to the best matching candidates
  • Process automation and notifications mean you can concentrate on other tasks and recruiting projects while you wait for the results
  • Elimination of manual screening and automation of this key ‘top of the funnel’ recruitment process frees up hours of time, improving productivity and reduces overall time to hire


Our outsourced application filtering service is the fast, stress free answer to time consuming manual review and sifting of job applications
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Standalone or integrated

Pick up and use straight away as a standalone solution with zero integration required. Alternatively we can integrate with most popular ATS platforms.

  • Fast setup with no technical integration required
  • Simple API integration with most popular platforms is also available meaning your can work within your existing ATS
  • Your solution, your way



Available when you need it

  • Fixed price, pay-as-you-go service
  • Fits perfectly with ad-hoc, high volume or seasonal recruitment campaigns
  • Longer term subscription options available
  • Flexible pricing and custom solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Fast setup and rapid turnaround of results means we can fit into your long term planning or engage at the eleventh hour.

Use us once or often, we’re here when you need us!



Safe, secure and GDPR compliant

Your data is safe with us. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive candidate data. We meet the highest industry standards for both our platform and cloud infrastructure and have multiple protection layers in place to ensure your data is secure. At the end of each campaign all data is automatically purged from our servers.

Our platform is GDPR ready with in-built features to ensure compliance when the new regulations come into effect in May 2018. For more information click here.

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