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HR Teams Can Learn To Work With Tech Rather Than Against It

Learning to work with technology rather than against it.

Can technology completely replicate the role of the HR and recruitment professional? Performing it at a much faster and more efficient rate?

Not entirely… Instead of replacing the recruiter, technology can instead assist them. Working in harmony with technology has the potential to significantly improve the hiring process and the productivity of the recruiting professional.

This can be achieved with the introduction of Augmented Intelligence.  Favouring this approach means that technology can assist and support human decision-making, rather than replace it altogether.

Simplify candidate screening

Evidently, it is a very time-consuming task for a recruiter to have to manually sift through and review a high volume of applications for specific job roles. As a result, their time is limited during this initial screening stage and their full effort or attention cannot be equally distributed when evaluating each individual CV. This can cause the risk of unfair and often rushed hiring decisions to be made.

With the introduction of hiring technology into a recruitment strategy, hundreds of job applications can be reviewed in seconds, generating results that are far more accurate, consistent and fair in comparison to human judgement. In addition, utilising technology during this process means the risk of making unconscious bias-based hiring decisions is significantly reduced. As a result, a candidate’s personal characteristics and other factors unrelated to the role will not affect their chances of getting the job, creating a fairer and unbiased hiring strategy.

Improve candidate experience

Communication is key to creating a positive candidate experience. When recruiters and hiring teams rely on technology to automate the initial screening stage they have more time to place the focus back on the candidate. Through effective communication, they can ensure the prospective employee is well informed and updated during the job application process. This is important because candidates can build relationships with hiring managers and recruiters to ensure they feel their needs are met throughout the hiring process. This can help to contribute to an improved candidate experience whilst also adding elements of a humanised recruitment approach into a hiring strategy.

Human input

Some argue that recruitment still requires a human touch and whilst technology can help recruiters sift through job applications and determine the number of appropriate candidates, humans have the capability to provide invaluable input throughout the hiring process. A hiring professional can understand a candidate on a personal level through insightful communication and a skill-set that is still very hard to replicate through technology.

Instead of fearing technology recruiters can learn to embrace it. By understanding how it will help them rather than replace them.

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