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Automated candidate sourcing, search and discovery


About ARKiiVE

ARKiiVE automates the process of searching through historic candidate and applicant records within an ATS database. Bringing true value to ‘keeping a candidate’s details on file.’


How it works

When a new vacancy is created, ARKiiVE automatically searches your existing database to find and recommend matching candidates. Quality candidates are automatically added to the recruiting workflow for your job role(s) to kick-start your sourcing process.

Unleash the potential of your existing candidate
database and get an instant head start
on sourcing for new positions

Why ARKiiVE?

A valuable starting point

Get a head start on candidate sourcing for new vacancies and create valuable hiring opportunities from candidates already at your fingertips

Reduce talent sourcing and advertising spend

Before externally advertising a job role, save time and resources by considering talent already existing within your ATS database

Maximise hiring opportunities

Don’t let previous talent go to waste. Make the most of your ATS database with automated talent discovery

Supercharge employer brand

Reconsidering past candidates and presenting new job vacancies means an increase in positive brand perception

Improve candidate experience

Prove there is truth behind keeping the candidate’s details on file for future opportunities and build an effective candidate experience

Save time with candidate re-engagement

Re-engage with historic applicants and save time that would have otherwise been spent looking elsewhere for new talent

Looking to rediscover talent already existing within your ATS database?
See ARKiiVE in action