Intelligent candidate search and matching technology

Source and re-engage with past applicants inside your talent database.

Screen for second place candidates

Get a head start on hiring

Uncover existing talent inside your candidate database and instantly match past applicants to new job vacancies, with ARKiiVE automation.

Re-engage with past applicants

How it works

At the start of a job requisition, ARKiiVE automatically searches through indexed candidates from your database. Matching candidates who fit the role requirements are automatically referred to recruiters for review.

A simple four-step process

Automated candidate database search technology

Add new job vacancy

At the start of a job requisition, ARKiiVE gets to work.

Rediscover past candidates

Instantly search indexed candidates from your ATS database.

Match talent & opportunity

Match past applicants against the new job opportunities.

Refer prospects

Automatically refer prospects for recruiter consideration.

Keep your promise and reconsider candidates that are 'kept on file'

Key starting point

Get to the right applicants fast with lightning-fast processing and real-time review of applications.

Improve candidate experience

Prove there is truth behind keeping a candidate’s details on file. Build an effective and meaningful candidate experience.

Reduce talent sourcing and advertising spend

Save time, cost and resources by leveraging talent already in your ATS database.

Supercharge employer brand

Reconsider past candidates and present new job vacancies to increase positive brand perception.

Maximise hiring opportunities

Don’t let previous talent go to waste. Make the most of your candidate database and save on sourcing costs.

Save time

Re-engage with past applicants and save time that would have otherwise been spent sourcing for new talent.

Unleash the potential of your existing talent database

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Resume screening

Screen thousands of applicants in seconds!

Match and refer

Applicant referral

Reroute unmatched applications to different roles.

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