The advanced candidate database search tool


About FiiNDER

FiiNDER offers greater database search functionality within your ATS. It provides a fast, reliable and more detailed way to search your existing candidate data.


How it works

A poor search functionality often leads to a lack of usage and therefore potentially missed opportunities. FiiNDER breathes life into your candidate database, giving you fast access to great matching talent for your open vacancies. Through seamless synchronisation with your ATS platform, perform unlimited and multi-combination searches and zero in on your top talent.


Conduct ‘deep’ searches with multiple custom search queries

Why FiiNDER?

See how FiiNDER will benefit your hiring process.

Advanced searching

FiiNDER enables advanced searching of candidate data, beyond usual ATS capability

Unlimited searches

Find potential top talent with unlimited multi-combination searches

Seamless synchronisation

Seamless ATS synchronisation to ensure data is continuously cleaned and kept up to date

Talent pooling

Save and load search features enable fast, effective talent pooling with easy access to qualified candidate groups

Enhance sourcing

Improve talent sourcing capability and ability to respond to urgent job requirements

Quick overview of talent

Gain a fast access overview of talent available prior to any talent sourcing spend

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