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About INSiiGHT

What does hiring look like in your organisation? INSiiGHT provides key stakeholders with recruiting data analytics and reporting to visualise trends and occurrences within the hiring process.


How it works

Visualised through an intuitive front-end dashboard function, INSiiGHT takes data collated from your hiring process to help you understand how recruiting and hiring works within your business.

Using big data to get an insight into
your recruitment process”


Visualise data

Gain deep insights into your hiring process and visualise data on hiring trends at a business and global level

Identify hiring trends

Plot and predict hiring trends across multiple job and candidate data points

Create benchmarks

Use INSiiGHT to benchmark performance. Gain valuable knowledge and understanding of your hiring process and measure performance across your organisation

Gain competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage through a deeper insight into the job seeker market

Distinguish room for improvement

Determine which hiring stages are the most effective. Consider processing times and look for areas that may need future adjustments

Make predictions

Predict requirements for future job roles, based on factual and historical evidence gained through INSiiGHT

Get more value from your hiring data with INSiiGHT
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