Why Recruiters Can’t Face The Battle Against Bias Alone

The battle against bias is a continual fight. Recruitment bias is the inclination or prejudice against an individual person or group of people. This involves making judgements on the basis of unfair thoughts and beliefs — outside of a candidate’s control. … Continue Reading

5 Ways Unconscious Bias Is Slipping Into The Hiring Process

5 ways unconscious bias is slipping into a hiring process & how you can avoid this Unconscious bias is slipping into your hiring process, so why aren’t you doing anything about it? Well as the name states many employers and hiring teams … Continue Reading

How To Tackle Gender Bias – From the Job Ad to the Job Interview

Overcoming Gender Bias in Hiring “From the job ad to the job interview, to the ultimate hire. How gender bias affects all aspects of the hiring process.” Gender bias derives from gender stereotypes constructed through an employer ’s perception based … Continue Reading

Bad ‘Culture Fit’ – Or Just An Excuse To Discriminate?

A bad culture fit? Or is this just another excuse to discriminate? Culture fit is a concept that has been previously defined as, employees’ beliefs and behaviours aligning with their employer’s core values and company culture. Employers often strive to … Continue Reading

Preventing Bias In The Recruitment Process

Bias has been a key issue in recruitment for many years. Although we can argue that workplaces are much more diverse than they used to be, we still have a long way to go. Even though different laws have been put into … Continue Reading