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Recruiters & Technology – A Powerful Combination

Recruitment is an ever-changing industry. In recent years, we have witnessed more changes than ever with the rise of advanced recruitment technology. Technology that screens CVs, engages with candidates and uses algorithms to resolve key issues within recruitment. These changes have brought many advantages to the hiring process, but the concern for most recruiters is that they cannot compete with such intelligent software. This is where the Robot vs Human debate comes into play.

Augmented Intelligence

The introduction of such intelligent technology is a godsend for lots of recruiters. They no longer have to dive into sizable talent pools and individually screen and shortlist each application. This can be completed within a matter of seconds through intelligent software. Automating what seems like the most tedious of tasks gives back valuable time to recruiters, enabling them to focus on the people within recruitment, the most important part.

With the excitement of such innovative technology, many people have undermined the role of the recruiter. This is where we are different. Instead of building technology to take over the recruiter’s role, we’re building solutions to support, aid and improve human decision-making.

The Role of the Recruiter

Nobody wants a piece of technology to replace them, that’s a frightening thought. Recruiters want technology that can help them get to that hiring decision faster and more efficiently. Our technology not only saves time but also improves the quality of hire too. By using technology to match candidates’ skills and experience to your live vacancies, you receive a much more relevant shortlist of candidates, massively reducing hiring costs.

By giving that precious time back to recruiters, our solutions allow them to engage with their matched candidates. Effectively, helping them make better hiring decisions, and spending more time with a candidate face-to-face. Through this increased engagement, recruiters can make better judgements about whether a candidate will fit in both culturally and skillfully. 

The Combination

We understand the industry, the process and the challenges. For that reason, we don’t want to take the recruiter out of the equation, we want to assist the recruiter. Although we don’t like to admit it, technology can often do a better job than humans. Especially when it comes to mundane, time-consuming tasks. Therefore, the powerful combination of both the recruiter and intelligent technology marks the bright, innovative future of recruitment.

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