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Time-saving Recruitment Technology: A Roundup Of The Most Innovative Solutions

Technology in recruitment promises valuable time-saving functions. The possibility to reduce the time to hire, save costs and invest in improving the overall quality of hire – is what makes recruiting technology so appealing to many hiring teams.

There are many different solutions that cater to the different stages throughout the hiring process. To make things a little easier we have rounded up some of our favourite top innovative solutions.

Time-saving recruitment tools to increase productivity:


Job applications

FiiLTER screens hundreds of jobs applicants in seconds. In order to deal with high volume recruitment, the screening software uses automation to filter through CVs in order to complete manual and repetitive tasks fast. Every single applicant is considered, leaving no room for bias or human error.

Pre-employment tests

Toggl Hire screens candidates through a skills test. The recruiting software designs questions that surround the job area to help employers determine the strongest candidates.


Coordinating times

Instead of sending emails back and forth to candidates, use Calendly to arrange future interviews. The self-schedule calendar tool allows interviewees to pick a time and date for their interview slot.

AI scheduling

Paradox provides AI interview scheduling tool – ‘Olivia’. The AI assistant helps candidates schedule an interview through an automated message straight to their mobile device. Olivia instantly coordinates different schedules to suggest the best interview times.


Video interviews spiked by 67% due to new COVID-19 measures. Interview tools such as Shine Interview allow candidates to complete their questions remotely. Employers design a range of pre-set interview questions which can then be answered by candidates in their own time via an app. Enabling you to review responses when you are ready.



Jobpal builds AI-powered chatbots to engage with candidates. Companies can utilise the chatbot to answer candidate questions about the company, job role, location and will assist them throughout the hiring journey for valuable support. Helping employers save time answering multiple different questions from lots of different job applicants.


Engage with candidates as they work through the talent pipeline. Provide automated messaging with Jobsoid and send offer letters, auto-reply messages and application acknowledgement emails on a mass level – in order to effectively communicate with candidates.


Employee referral

Teamable offers an intelligent employee referral platform. Employers can easily keep track of referrals during the hiring process and employees are provided with incentives to refer candidates. Referrals help recruiters get to candidates faster by cutting down time-consuming sourcing stages.

Automated pipeline referral

REFiiNE uses talent pipeline technology to automatically match rejected candidates against other open job vacancies within the same organisation. Automatically refer applicants to new opportunities that better suit their skill set. To ensure you maximise the potential from every job application and save time looking for new talent.


BambooHR provides an onboarding tool that automatically sends new hires onboarding tasks prior to their start day. Along with information on what to expect/bring on their first day. This helps keep new hires engaged and excited to begin their new position.

Learningbank automates your digital onboarding process. One set-up provides every new hire with a consistent and positive experience that is matched to your company culture and brand.


Recruitment process data

Optimise your time and determine the most effective areas of the recruitment process. Ontame helps identify recruiting bottlenecks in order for hiring teams to make better decisions. The analytics platform takes out human guesswork and provides key information on various different recruitment channels.

Measuring feedback

Automate candidate feedback. Solutions such as Starred help talent acquisition and hiring teams gain valuable insights into the employee experience. It works by collating data from customised surveys to provide you with data points and factors that affect employee experience the most. Saving valuable time in the manual evaluation.

What recruitment technologies do you recognise as beneficial in time-saving? Let us know in the comment below or on Twitter @CiiVSOFT.

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