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The Top 10 Best Recruitment Automation Tools To Suit All Your Hiring Needs

The top recruitment automation tools

Recruitment automation automatically completes manual and administrative tasks, Its never phased by recruiting volume which makes it an essential component in building a fast, efficient and consistent hiring process.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recruitment automation tools that will make your recruiting processes a little simpler.

Recruitment automation tools for the hiring lifecycle

  1. CiiVSOFT: Screening and matching
  2. VONQ: Job posting automation
  3. Hireflow: Candidate sourcing
  4. Greyscale: Candidate communication
  5. Goodtime: Interview scheduling
  6. Modern Hire: Interview scoring
  7. Social Intelligence: Social media screening
  8. HiPeople: Reference checker
  9. Starred: Candidate feedback
  10. Typelane: Employee onboarding

1. CiiVSOFT – Initial candidate screening and vacancy matching

We may be blowing our own trumpet here (we couldn’t not, mention our solutions could we!) but CiiVSOFT is the perfect recruitment automation addition for the start of the recruiting process, to screen, search and match job applicants. We’re helping companies save over 90% in job applicant screening time by taking out the administrative burden that comes with the resume review and candidate sourcing process.

Find out more: Automated tools.

2. VONQ – Job posting automation

Recruitment marketing solutions help to attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply. Technology solutions like VONQ specialise in job distribution automation so companies can receive a wider and more diverse candidate pool. Targeting active and passive candidates via job boards, aggregators, online communications and social media channels.

3. Hireflow – Candidate sourcing

Hireflow makes it easy to evaluate candidates that are an ideal technical match. The automated sourcing tool passively looks for candidates based on your requirements and actively finds talent from lesser-known start-ups using big data. Start building your talent pool and quickly approve or reject recommend candidates.

4. Greyscale – Candidate texting communication

Greyscale helps employers engage with talent via their automated texting platform. Users can send messages in bulk to candidates and set automation based on the hiring stage. A great automated solution to leverage the candidate experience on a high volume scale.

5. GoodTime – Interview Scheduling

Headquartered in San Francisco, GoodTime automates interview scheduling enabling the candidate to choose their own time for their interview. Synching to your availability GoodTime takes out the hard work and logistic organisation of traditional interviews and frees up time for you to engage in meaningful conversations with your candidates.

6. Modern Hire – Interview Scoring

Modern Hire uses automation to analyse candidate interview responses and recommends scores based on job-relevant data. Once recruiters receive this information, they can then select the best candidates to advance to the next hiring stage. this process ensures only job-related content is assessed and therefore the risk of bias is reduced.

7. Social Intelligence – Social Media Screening

For what can be quite a divisive topic for some social media screening is a useful tool to perform a background check. Social Intel uses automation to screen a candidate’s digital profiles found on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. To provide employers with an insight into the candidate’s online behaviours and attitude.

8. HiPeople – Reference checker

HiPeople uses intelligent automation to automatically undertake the reference check process. It helps companies make better recruiting and hiring decisions by checking and analysing talent data. The Berlin-based company significantly reduces admin and bias whilst improving first-year employee retention by 45%.

9. Starred – Candidate Feedback

This candidate feedback platform uses automation to get back in touch with rejected, withdrawn or hired candidates with customised surveys. Linking data back to your recruitment team to help them work more efficiently in the future.

10. Typelane – Employee Onboarding

This Swedish onboarding company promises to help you automate a large portion of manual work and save up to 8 hours per onboarding. In just a few clicks, make new hires feel welcome with an automated onboarding process that offers a personalised and consistent approach to ensure each new hire gets the same experience.

Have we left any tools off that you think should have made the recruitment automation list? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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