How Hiring Technology Helps To Attract Millennials

Within the next 10 years, millennials will take up over half of the workforce. Millennials are considerably different to other working generations, they have grown up with the ever-changing world of technology, they are adaptable, innovative and diverse individuals. Most importantly, they have considerably different working styles, demands and expectations to the other generations. Thus, to ensure your company successfully attracts top millennial talent, you need to make sure you have what they are looking for:

  1. Up-to-date Hiring Process

    First and foremost, millennials want a modern, informative hiring process. As it’s their first interaction with your company, it will significantly boost your hiring chances if you channel some attention and efforts into this introductory stage. What do millennials want from your hiring process? They crave engagement, information, feedback, support and most importantly, a speedy process.

    Hiring technology can help you deliver all of this to your candidates with immense ease. Our hiring toolkit allows you to significantly quicken your hiring process, enabling you to engage better with candidates, make better decisions and to deliver an overall, positive and supportive hiring experience. 

  2. Strong Employer Brand

    Millennials want to work for companies that have a strong, positive employer brand. They want to feel secure from the application process to their onboarding and for the rest of their career. In order to make judgements about whether a company is right for them, it’s essential that they find out all they can about the employer before they apply. Millennials look for your company culture and values, your services and your past and current employee reviews to decipher your overall company reputation. Millennials want to see an honest, clear perception of what it’s like to work for your company. Thus, it’s important that all of your employees believe in your brand as much as you do.

    A useful feature we offer within our recruitment toolkit is our branded career pages. Not only does this make your hiring process look better, it represents your positive employer brand. It’s modern and consistent but most importantly, it matches their wants and needs as candidates.

  3. Workplace Diversity

    It’s the 21st century, millennials want diversity. No one wants to join a workplace that is outdated and discriminative. Millennials want to connect and collaborate with creative, innovative, diverse people. More importantly, they want to work for people who have the same beliefs, values and attitudes as themselves. With so many advancements and changes towards workplace issues such as the gender pay gap, ageism and more, it’s time to start making sure your company is as fair and diverse as it should be. By failing to recognise and fight the lack of diversity in your workplace you could be significantly damaging your employer brand.

    An effective way of reducing bias within your recruitment process is to automate your screening and shortlisting process, this removes any unconscious bias from happening at this initial stage. FiiLTER is an automated, on-demand solution for sifting and ranking job applications.

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