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Why Social Media Sourcing Is A Key Ingredient In Talent Acquisition

Social Sourcing also commonly known as Social Recruiting, utilises social media channels to attract, engage and acquire candidates as part of a hiring and talent acquisition strategy. A relatively new concept within the hiring industry (following the explosion in social media usage) this recruitment method can introduce innovative ways to hire.

Why social sourcing?

So why social sourcing? Well with over 2 billion active Facebook users, social media is a phenomenon that keeps on growing. As it shows no signs of slowing down just yet… it’s important hiring professionals make use of this and apply social sourcing to their talent acquisition strategy.

For lots of users, social media isn’t merely a ‘phase’ and instead has become intertwined into many people’s day-to-day lives. The ease of accessibility, dependency & sometimes even boredom, has made it that much more difficult for people to ‘give up’ altogether.

Recruiter working on social media sourcing techniques

Social sourcing in hiring

Traditional recruitment methods are no longer sufficient in acquiring top talent efficiently. Predominantly this affects those who favour less technological hiring methods that could cause time and financial restraints.

Social sourcing is an effective solution to reach a larger candidate pool. Hiring teams can target active and passive candidates through different social platforms. LinkedIn may be the obvious choice but there is also value in employing other social networks to promote and advertise job roles such as Twitter and Facebook. Depending on the social network the user can be presented with an opportunity they may not have found via more ‘traditional’ job search methods. It’s all about getting the right job in front of the right people, to encourage the best talent to apply.

     1. Stay connected

Stay connected and engaged with your audience through social recruiting. Not always does every job advertising opportunity have to be direct and conventional in its advertising options. Instead, Social Media can convey your company values and project a more personal insight into your workspace.

This in turn, (depending on how well it is received), will build the brand, increase company exposure and therefore potentially encourage job seekers to apply for future job roles.

     2. Reach a direct social audience

Social sourcing offers an alternative route to application. It has never been easier to apply for a job but with the added convenience of applying via social, companies can reach a larger audience. Direct job links can be easily shared or sent to candidates looking for their next role.

     3. Social screening

Social media screening offers agencies and in-house recruitment teams the chance to ‘validate’ a job application. Searching for the potential candidate online and assessing their social media presence can help form a better understanding of what they might be like as a future employee. Profiles provide a glimpse into the applicant’s personality, hobbies, interests and other information they may not have included within their CV or resume.

     4. Create value

Add value to your talent acquisition strategy and make effective use of social channels. The real value lies in the targeted approach you use to encourage applicants to apply. LinkedIn contains a high percentage of candidates actively looking for new opportunities. Make effective use of this and target job ads toward those LinkedIn members who specify the same skills that match that of the job description.

Social sourcing can provide in-house and agency hiring teams with a real competitive advantage. More and more job seekers are searching for their next opportunity on their mobile phones. In fact, 60% of users admit the time spent on social media is facilitated by a mobile phone device. Users spend on average 40 minutes a day on their favourite social media apps. It causes the question to arise, would the modern ‘tech-savvy’ job seeker put down their phone to search for a job? (The answer is no!)

Social sourcing not only has a major impact on how we recruit but also on how candidates look for their next job role and how they apply. Take into consideration these factors when implanting an element of social into your talent acquisition strategy to increase your likelihood of hiring top talent.

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