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Advanced technology, recruitment simplified.

Experience game-changing recruitment automation.

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CiiVSOFT provides intelligent recruiting automation tools and technology, which streamline and improve the hiring experience.


Source, screen and pipeline talent

Accelerate recruitment for hiring teams and candidates

CiiVSOFT uses recruitment automation to reduce time to hire, eliminate bias and improve hiring results whilst maintaining user experience on your ATS/HR platform of choice.


Talent rediscovery


Instantly search your historic candidate database for matching talent.

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Candidate screening


Automatically screen and recommend job applications for open vacancies.

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Talent pipelining


Refer candidates automatically to the best matching job opportunities. 

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Complex doesn’t have to be complicated

Let CiiVSOFT do the heavy lifting for you. Using powerful recruitment automation, effectively manage your hiring process fast and fairly, without having to learn any new technology. 


How it works

Your recruiting automation assistant

CiiVSOFT works through a seamless integration inside your current ATS/HR system and works side by side with your hiring team to deliver solutions that help improve CV/resume screening, applicant shortlisting, candidate sourcing and pipelining.

People working with recruitment automation

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Automated candidate database search and discovery

Rediscover talent

CiiVSOFT automatically searches your talent database for matching applicants against new job vacancies. Create valuable re-engagement opportunities and rediscover existing talent within your candidate database. 

two recruiters working on a laptop
recruitment automation to screen cv resumes on a laptop

CV and resume filtering technology

Screen job applicants

Automatically screen job applications with CV screening technology. Eliminate manual first screening to ensure an unbiased, fair and consistent process for every single applicant.

Automated pipelining and candidate referral

Maximise hiring opportunities

Maximise potential from every job application received into your business. Recruitment automation optimises the chances of success for candidates who were not matched for their original intended role by automatically reviewing them against other open vacancies.

filter through job applications

CiiVSOFT helps hiring teams

Shorten time to hire

Save hundreds of hours in manual sourcing and screening candidates.

Improve process quality

Ensure accuracy, consistency and fairness for a streamlined, high quality recruiting process.


Reduce cost per hire

Minimise administrative tasks and reduce the overall cost per hire.

Manage high volume hiring

“We have enabled our hiring team to save over 13 hours a week, per job vacancy, in screening and sourcing candidates.”


Director of People Systems
Agoda/Booking Holdings Inc.


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