• Integrated hiring technology

    Custom software applications for recruitment and HR technology platforms

Recruitment automation inside your talent acquisition software

Integrated solutions that save time, money and improve recruitment performance

Intelligent database search

Automatically find and market new vacancies to relevant candidates within your existing database.

Smart applicant filtering

Sift, review and organise candidates automatically at the point of application.

Candidate preview and job matching

Improve engagement, eliminate irrelevant applications and channel candidates to apply for the right roles.

Powerful yet simple

Recruit better

Performance bolt-ons which bring data science and automation to key stages of the hiring process, saving time and money for users.

Integrated, invisible

Seamlessly integrated solutions sit ‘under the hood’ inside partner platforms meaning no change to user journey.

Intelligence that’s Augmented, not Artificial

Proprietary technology built on the principles of Intelligence Augmentation, developed through a unique collaboration between recruiters and technologists who know the issues. Learn more about our approach here

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