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Accelerate your recruiting with automated job application screening

CiiVSOFT screening automation plugs in to your ATS to automate resume screening, recommend top talent and streamline your hiring process with precision.

Job application screening technology

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Job application screening and CV screening automation

Super fast CV screening

CiiVSOFT automates the initial sifting of resumes, saving you time and effort in finding the best applications for your jobs.

Bias-free evaluation

Eliminate the risks of bias with our anonymised screening process, ensuring a fair and equal evaluation of all applicants.

Cost effective-hiring

Highlight the best matching candidates for the job. Reduce the risk of making a bad hire and save costs on recruiting and training.

Fairly and consistently screen job applicants

CiiVSOFT excels at efficiently and precisely screening job applications and resumes, all while maintaining a strict commitment to unbiased and anonymous resume evaluation.

Job application screening time savings
CiiVSOFT job application screening technology
Job application screening in different languages
CiiVSOFT job application screening automation

Preserve human decision making

CiiVSOFT leaves the decision-making to you! Our technology accelerates the initial CV sifting stage to help you get eyes on the best matching candidates over 10x faster than manual resume screening.

“CiiVSOFT helped us to reduce job applicant screening time and in the first few months we found 3506 aligned profiles within 72,244 applicants.”

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HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager | Alstom Transport

Intelligent automation plugged into your ATS

CiiVSOFT seamlessly integrates with your ATS and HR system, enabling uninterrupted global recruiting. No separate logins, just one place for all your resume screening and job matching needs.

Secure resume screening technology

CiiVSOFT is committed to your data security. Our screening technology is maintained within a secure infrastructure and we never store or process personal or sensitive candidate information.

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