Efficiently screen job applications and reach the best talent

Discover your ideal candidate with intelligent job application screening. 

Recruiter using conducting job application screening
Plugin technology CiiVSOFT
Job application screening

Super fast job application screening and talent matching technology

Faster screening

CiiVSOFT automates the initial screening of resumes, saving you time and effort in finding the best candidates for the job.

Objective evaluation

Eliminate human bias with our algorithm-based screening process, ensuring a fair and equal evaluation of all applicants.

Cost effective-hiring

Identify the most qualified candidates for the job, reducing the risk of making a bad hire and saving you money on recruiting and training.

Supporting recruiting for clients in 70+ countries

How CiiVSOFT works

Keep the human touch in resume screening

CiiVSOFT does not make the final hiring decision. Instead, our technology accelerates the initial screening stage to help you reach the best matching candidates quicker than manually possible.

The result? Fair and efficient human decision-making.

Job application screening

“CiiVSOFT helped us to reduce job applicant screening time and in the first few months we found 3506 aligned profiles within 72,244 applicants.”

Testimonial headshot

HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager | Alstom Transport

Intelligent recruiting automation

Reduce bias, improve consistency

Fairly screen any volume of job applicants

Accurately screen thousands of job applications in seconds with fair anonymised screening.

CiiVSOFT integrations

Integrated into your ATS

CiiVSOFT works completely behind the scenes inside your ATS and HR system for undisrupted recruiting. Operating globally and supporting screening in over 75 spoken languages.

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