Greenhouse Integration

CiiVSOFT + Greenhouse

Job application screening automation for Greenhouse users

CiiVSOFT automation works behind the scenes in Greenhouse to automatically search, screen and pipeline job applications during the initial hiring stages.

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“Using CiiVSOFT’s automation tools we have experienced a significant improvement in time management and a reduction of bias within the recruitment process. The solutions are a great plug-in to support our hiring strategy.

HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager | Alstom Transport

Level up your Greenhouse recruiting platform

How CiiVSOFT works with Greenhouse
CiiVSOFT and Greenhouse

Instantly search for and match talent to new job vacancies

Unleash the potential in your Greenhouse database!

At the start of a job requisition, CiiVSOFT automatically locates and recommends any matching candidates in your existing talent database. Helping you create valuable hiring and re-engagement opportunities from candidates already at your fingertips.

Start using automation to screen job applications

Eliminate the need to manually review resumes and job applications.

CiiVSOFT screens job applications using its resume screening software. Helping recruiting teams like yours to reduce the risk of bias and automatically screen all incoming job applications whilst saving time and improving recruiting productivity.

How CiiVSOFT works with Greenhouse
Automation software for greenhouse

Screen unmatched applicants against all open vacancies

Refer unmatched applications to all other open job vacancies.

CiiVSOFT provides a second chance to candidates who were unsuccessful in their original application. Using lightning-fast automation, CiiVSOFT automatically considers them for new job opportunities relevant to their skills and experience.

Download the CiiVSOFT + Greenhouse one-pager

In this handy short guide, you’ll find more information on our solution overview and details about our integration with Greenhouse.

CiiVSOFT job application screening for greenhouse

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