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Recruitment automation tools for Greenhouse users

CiiVSOFT provides recruitment automation to your Greenhouse platform. Through seamless integration, CiiVSOFT works in the background to automatically search, screen and pipeline job applications during initial hiring stages.

Synchronised integration

CiiVSOFT seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse to ensure you never have to leave your ATS platform.

Back-office processing

CiiVSOFT works behind the scenes is simple to use, with no new technology to learn.

Optimised workflow

CiiVSOFT ensures the existing workflow remains optimised whilst improving user experience and productivity.

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Core automated solutions


Unleash the potential in your Greenhouse database!

At the start of a job requisition, ARKiiVE automatically screens and locates job matching candidates in your existing talent database. Create valuable hiring opportunities from candidates already at your fingertips.


Eliminate the need to manually review resumes and job applications!

FiiLTER is a CV/resume screening tool. Reduce the risk of bias and instantly screen all incoming job applications to save time and improve recruiting productivity.


Refer unmatched applications to all other open job vacancies.

REFiiNE provides a second chance to candidates who were unsuccessful in their original intended role. Automatically consider unmatched applicants for new opportunities relevant to their skills and experience.

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Don't just take our word for it!

We’ve helped online food delivery app and Greenhouse user – Glovo gain over 80% in time savings with our automated CV screening tool.

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