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Job application screening for Greenhouse users

CiiVSOFT automation works behind the scenes in Greenhouse to automatically screen resumes and match job applications.

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“Using CiiVSOFT’s screening automation we have experienced a significant improvement in time management and a reduction of bias within the recruitment process. The solution is a great plug-in to support our hiring strategy.

HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager | Alstom Transport

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Level up your applicant screening process in Greenhouse

How CiiVSOFT screening software works with Greenhouse
CiiVSOFT and Greenhouse

Enhanced efficiency and time savings

CiiVSOFT’s job application screening software integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse ATS, allowing you to automate the initial CV screening process and significantly reduce manual efforts.

Improve candidate quality and fit

CiiVSOFT’s resume screening software is designed to identify candidates who closely match the desired qualifications and skills for a particular role.

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How CiiVSOFT job application screening for Greenhouse works
Automation software for greenhouse

Reduce bias and fairness in hiring

CiiVSOFT’s job application screening software helps mitigate bias by providing an objective evaluation of candidate qualifications based on predefined criteria.

Download the CiiVSOFT + Greenhouse one-pager

In this handy short guide, you’ll find more information on our solution overview and details about our resume screening integration for Greenhouse.

CiiVSOFT job application screening for greenhouse

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