CV screening automation

Screen, filter and match thousands of job applications in minutes.

About FiiLTER

FiiLTER automates the process of reviewing, screening and sifting job applications against open vacancies. As a key component in high volume recruitment, FiiLTER provides automated application response handling, to eliminate the manual reviewing of CVs for a fast and unbiased first screening of job applications.


How it works

FiiLTER operates as an invisible, automated, back-office processing function and delivers results right within your ATS or HR CRM suite. The CV screening software automatically reviews applications against open vacancies and advances matching candidates to the next stage in the recruitment workflow for that vacancy.

“We hired a candidate yesterday that was processed by FiiLTER and the total time to hire was only 15 days.”
Talent Manager, Modulr Finance

Screen job applications in minutes. See FiiLTER in action.

How CV screening software works

Automate ‘top of the funnel’ job application response handling

Resume screening automation that keeps the hiring decision, human.

CV screening benefits

Why FiiLTER?


Lightning-fast processing and real-time review of applications mean you get to the right applicants fast.


FiiLTER processes applications in over 100 languages to provide hiring process support for organisations at a local, regional or global scale.

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Treat all job applications equally and fairly and remove the possibility of human bias occurring within the screening process.


Reduce the chance of mistakes and human error with screening automation. FiiLTER never tires and can  consistently process thousands of job applications in minutes.


There’s no need to cut corners with FiiLTER. For each role, consider every job application and match them against the same vacancy criteria.


On average, FiiLTER saves hiring professionals 91% of the time in manual job application review for a single vacancy.

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