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Lever Integration

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CiiVSOFT + Lever

Job application screening automation inside Lever

From the comfort of your Lever platform – automatically screen CVs and match job applications in seconds.

Integrated technology

Always stay on the Lever platform! Our plugin solution means there are no additional logins to remember or separate user interface required.

Back-office automation

Let CiiVSOFT do the heavy lifting for you. Effortlessly screen resumes and job applications quickly and efficiently.

Boost Lever functionality

Streamline recruiter experience and CV screening time to drive optimal efficiency in your recruitment workflow.

Testimonial about resume software

Talent Manager

Modulr Finance


“We hired a candidate yesterday that was processed by CiiVSOFT’s screening tool and the total time to hire was only 15 days which is amazing!”

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Learn how CiiVSOFT automated resume screening works inside Lever

To find our more and learn how you can benefit from automated CV screening in Lever, book a call with our sales team.

Level up your resume screening efforts in Lever

Supercharge your hiring process with CiiVSOFT’s CV screening integration.

Enhance efficiency

CiiVSOFT’s integration with Lever allows for automated CV screening, significantly reducing the time and effort required to manually review each applicant’s resume.

CiiVSOFT recruitment automation for lever users
Screening software for lever users

Improve candidate matching

Match candidate CVs with specific job requirements and qualifications. Define desired job criteria and preferences, and identify the most suitable candidates based on these parameters.

Reduce bias + unconscious hiring practices

CiiVSOFT CV screening software assesses candidates solely based on role-related factors such as qualifications and skills, rather than demographic or other potentially biased factors.

CiiVSOFT job application screening for Lever

One-pager: Job application screening technology for Lever

We’ve put together a handy one-page document for you to keep. It’s packed with useful information about our CV screening solution and Lever integration details.