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CV Screening: The 5 Best Practices

CV screening is the process in which CVs are scanned, assessed and determined to be successful or unsuccessful for a potential role. This is an effective method to disregard applicants who do not possess the desired skill set, experience or … Continue Reading

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consistent hiring

3 Examples Of Consistent Hiring Practices For Equal Hiring Opportunities

Consistent hiring practices follow the same set of guidelines, regardless of subjective components derived from different recruiters or general different hiring methods. They are a fundamental element towards eliminating bias and creating an inclusive recruitment strategy. Particularly during high volume … Continue Reading

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Diversity Hiring: How To Build A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Diversity hiring is the removal of bias (conscious & unconscious), prejudice and stereotypes that can affect a person’s decision to hire. An effort that aims to disregard factors influencing the hiring decision such as; age, gender and nationality and instead … Continue Reading

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hiring automation integrations

A New Age Of Hiring Automation

Hiring automation is the technology by which processes are carried out without the dependence of manual human input. This is at its most beneficial when used to minimise different stages of the recruitment process. To completely automate the entirety of … Continue Reading

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speed up hiring process

How To Speed Up The Hiring Process & Not Compromise On Top Talent

How To Speed Up The Hiring Process & Not Compromise On Top Talent Timing is key. Is it possible to speed up the hiring process without compromising on top talent? In some recruiting scenarios, particularly during high volume recruitment, the … Continue Reading

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Why Recruiters Can’t Face The Battle Against Bias Alone

The battle against bias is a continual fight. Recruitment bias is the inclination or prejudice against an individual person or group of people. This involves making judgements on the basis of unfair thoughts and beliefs — outside of a candidate’s control. … Continue Reading

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selective hiring

Selective Hiring: Do Unrealistic Expectations Damage The Recruitment Process?

Selective hiring and unrealistic expectations in the recruitment process The decision to recruit a new employee requires great precision, detail and care. Often being selective is a key requirement for any hiring professional to make effective decisions. However, there are risks of … Continue Reading

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High Volume Recruitment: 3 Key Considerations

High volume recruitment is the task in which employers and recruiters deal with high influxes of job applications per single vacancy, over a short space of time. Whilst there are no set figures as to what exactly constitutes high volume, some … Continue Reading

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3 Skills Recruitment Technology Can’t Replace

Recruitment technology, what skills can’t it replace and where can it improve? We don’t like to say technology ‘can replace’ recruitment because that’s not the case here. Instead, we recognise the areas in which technology can improve and what can … Continue Reading

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time hire

Why Your Time To Hire Is Letting Down The Candidate

Why your time to hire is letting down the candidate and how to overcome this. The time to hire should be a priority in a talent acquisition strategy. The longer a candidate has to wait the greater the risk of … Continue Reading

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