High volume hiring

5 Challenges in High Volume Hiring

High volume hiring is the practice in which hundreds or even thousands of job applications are received for each role. This can be multiplied depending on the number of job vacancies available. High volume hiring is often referred to as … Read More

Recruitment and hiring stats

The 5 Most Important Recruitment and Hiring Stats You Need To Know From 2021

2021 has become a bounce-back year for recruitment and hiring. Getting back on track has been a priority for many employers who are now experiencing a rise in job vacancies, applications and new hires. But since the pandemic began many … Read More

What Remote Hiring Means For Your Business

Many of us have adapted to remote work and working outside of the traditional office space. As our day to day work routine changes, it also means that we way we hire has also been greatly impacted. In the past, … Read More

CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration

CiiVSOFT + Lever: Our latest ATS integration We’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with the global talent acquisition suite, Lever. The integration allows CiiVSOFT and Lever users to support their hiring strategy with scalable recruitment automation tools. Lever, is … Read More

Mistakes you're making in seasonal hiring campaigns

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Building Your Seasonal Hiring Campaign

A seasonal hiring campaign requires employees to fill positions within a short time frame. Recruiters will experience a spike in job applicants and must navigate through a high demand workload to meet deadlines. It’s a tricky process so the right … Read More

Can We Trust AI in Recruitment?

In recruitment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained plenty of attraction. Many innovators and technology leaders invest in its potential to transform the way we hire. Artificial intelligence promises to mimic human intelligence in order to complete recruiting tasks and make … Read More

CiiVSOFT helps Glovo reduce CV screening time by 80%

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Glovo is a food delivery service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app. Glovo operates globally and delivers orders in 21 countries and 750+ cities. Due to rapid company growth, they’re … Read More

3 Examples of Gender Bias in Recruitment

Gender bias in recruitment is the inclination to favour a candidate due to gender prejudice. It’s a huge issue in hiring and can sadly affect all stages of the recruitment process. If the right precautions are not put into place, … Read More

5 Incredible uses of AI in Recruitment

Companies in the past decade have transitioned to data-driven hiring. With the growing demand for AI in every field, it has already made its way in the recruitment process too. While AI in recruitment is still at a nascent stage, … Read More

Recruiting pain points

3 Successes Your Organisation Is Experiencing and the Hidden Recruiting Pain Points Behind Them

Your organisation is exceptionally good at what it does. You continue to lead the way in innovation and are the experts in your industry. Often this means fast company growth, building a desirable brand reputation and entering global markets. But … Read More