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Automated Recruiting Solution

Automate your busy recruiting to-do-list

CiiVSOFT makes it simple to automate early application screening and talent matching, with technology that helps you save on time and cost.

CiiVSOFT automation solution for recruiters

Plugin technology

CiiVSOFT lives inside your ATS so there’s no new software to learn.

Universal hiring

Experience global 24/7 multi-lingual job processing.

Encrypted and secure

We ensure the highest levels of data privacy, security and compliance.

Empower recruiters

CiiVSOFT equips recruiters with the right tools to transform efficiency.

The all-in-one recruitment automation solution

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Recruiters + automation

Watch as humans and technology flourish together. CiiVSOFT recommends candidates of best fit and never makes a hiring decision for you to ensure you stay in control.

ATS integrated tools

Hiring teams like yours use CiiVSOFT to screen, match and refer candidates to the best matching positions.

Remove name, gender and age from application screening

Anonymise job application screening. CiiVSOFT automatically reviews 100% of job applications fairly and consistently. It never tires and can accurately process thousands of applicants in seconds.

Computer desk automated solutions
Screening resumes stress

Automation is here to help!

Working alongside your talent acquisition team, CiiVSOFT automation undertakes mundane and repetitive recruiting tasks. Enabling you to free yourself from the recruiting administrative burden and start gaining massive time, efficiency and cost savings.

Balancing automation and the human touch

Built to transform efficiency and improve recruiter experience, CiiVSOFT takes out the hard work so you can identify and engage with candidates faster than ever before.

Humans and technology

“We have experienced a very significant improvement in time management and a reduction of bias since using CiiVSOFT. The solutions are a great plug-in to support our global hiring strategy and staffing plan.”

HR Efficiency & Data Intelligence Manager | Alstom Transport SA

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Three tools for recruiting success

For every new job requisition instantly search your talent database for job-matching candidates.

Effortlessly screen every job application you receive for new job vacancies.

Reroute unmatched applicants and to all other open jobs and never miss out on talent.

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