Automated hiring solutions to help you recruit smarter

We fix common recruitment problems with integrated software solutions and hiring automation.
We save time, money and improve hiring efficiency for our growing portfolio of global clients and international brands.


We’re creating a unique ecosystem of solutions which solve specific problems in recruiting.
We work alongside our customers to identify and solve their hiring issues through a partner-led approach.

Save time and money for employers

By automating key stages of the recruitment workflow we give valuable time back to hiring teams and save money on talent acquisition activities.

Create up-sell opportunities for our partners

By adding new features and functionality, we deliver valuable up-sell opportunities for our platform partners.

Improve candidate experience and engagement

Automation drives faster response times, improved candidate experience and applicant re-engagement opportunities.


Automated candidate search and discovery

  Unleash the potential of your existing database of previous applicants and ‘silver medal’ candidates

✓  Get an instant head start on sourcing for new positions and reduce external advertising and talent attraction spend

  Give meaning to keeping candidate details ‘on file’ and create valuable re-engagement opportunities


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Automated applicant filtering and sifting technology

  Automate ‘top of the funnel’ application response handling processes and get to the best matching candidates fast

  Eliminate the need to manually review CVs and job applications against open vacancies

  Save time and increase productivity with fast, consistent and unbiased first screening of job applications right within your ATS or HR system


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Recruiting data analytics and reporting

  Gain deep insights into your hiring process and visualise data on hiring trends at a business and global level

  Understand how recruitment and hiring works in your business

✓  Develop valuable market knowledge and build competitive advantage


Discover INSiiGHT


Fast, easy searching of candidate data

✓  Identify great matching candidates in just a few clicks using a simple search interface

✓  Improve sourcing capability and your ability to respond to urgent job requirements

✓  Easily create talent pools for future roles and help keep your database clean


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Rest assured CiiVSOFT solutions are…


We don’t store or process personal data or PII and we utilise the highest levels of encryption and security in all of our systems.


CiiVSOFT solutions integrate seamlessly with most popular ATS platforms. There’s no new software to learn and no disruption to your existing processes.


Our solutions support processing in over 100 different languages and growing, providing you with support wherever your business operates.