High-performance technology solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for high volume hiring

Reduce bias and consistently screen and match job applicants during key recruitment stages.

Source candidates

Automate early-stage sourcing and match existing talent to new job vacancies.

Screen job applications

Filter job applications with CV screening and response handling technology.

Pipeline talent

Funnel job applicants to the right role with intelligent pipeline and referral technology.

Automated tools


Automated candidate database search and match

Automatically search and match historic applicants in your ATS database against new job vacancies.

Unleash the potential of your existing candidate database

Take instant hiring action at the start of a job requisition

Cut sourcing times and consider ‘silver medalist’ candidates

Recruiter working with technology for top talent
Results from cv screening technology

Automated job application screening

Eliminate the need to manually review job applications. FiiLTER uses CV screening technology to automatically review job applicants against open vacancies.

Review thousands of job applications in minutes

Undertake a fast and consistent initial job application screen

Fairly consider all candidates and significantly reduce the risk of bias


Automated talent pipeline and referral

Increase in irrelevant job applications? Take the pressure off your hiring team and automatically funnel candidates to the right role better suited towards their skillset.

Maximise hiring opportunities from every application

Provide candidates with a second chance and match them against other live job vacancies

Create fast-moving candidate pipelines

Recruitment automation solutions

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Flexible, agile recruiting solutions


CiiVSOFT works inside your ATS and integrates with most popular platforms. There is no additional training required or new software to learn.


CiiVSOFT does not store or process personal data or PII – using only the highest levels of encryption and security in all systems.


To support recruiting on a global scale, CiiVSOFT provides 24/7, multi-lingual job processing. 


The configurable elements of CiiVSOFT, make it easy to tailor services to fit with your hiring strategy.

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