Reroute candidates to better matching job opportunities

Maximise talent potential and screen, unmatched applicants, against all other open vacancies.

Match rejected candidates to new jobs
Screen and refer candidates

Recommend new job opportunities to rejected candidates

Automatically refer and recommend unmatched applicants to other open vacancies that better suit their skillset and experience.

Build fast moving candidate pipelines

How it works

Powered by automation, REFiiNE screens applicants who were unsuccessful in their original intended role and compares them against all other open job vacancies within your organisation. Matching applicants are then automatically referred as prospects for the alternative job.

A simple four-step process

New job application

Receive a candidate job application for a vacancy.

Application not a match

Applicant not matched to the vacancy after screening.

Vacancy check

REFiiNE automatically checks suitability against all other open vacancies.

Prospect referral

REFiiNE refers applicant as a prospect for an alternative job vacancy.

Don't let unmatched applicants go to waste

Meet hiring demand

Manage a potential surge in job applications and automatically refer unmatched applicants to all other open vacancies.

Maximise potential

Eliminate missed opportunities and ensure opportunities are maximised from every application received (regardless of role applied for). 

Organise talent pipeline

Channel job applications to the right roles and help better organise ATS vacancy pipelines.

Drive team collaboration

Drive collaboration and knowledge sharing between hiring teams through the automatic referral of relevant candidates to colleagues.

Boost candidate experience

Improve candidate experience and engagement and ensure the best matches are made between applications and vacancies.

Save sourcing time

Eliminate missed opportunities and be first to qualified candidates who have already bought into your brand.

Start automating recruitment

To get set up, book a call with our team who will show how simple it is to start onboarding CiiVSOFT.

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