Talent pipeline technology

Instantly pipeline, refer and recommend candidates to other open job vacancies.

About REFiiNE

REFiiNE helps manage a potential surge in job applications. Through automation, REFiiNE provides a second chance to candidates who were not matched to the job vacancy they originally applied for. REFiiNE uses talent pipeline technology to automatically funnel unmatched candidates to opportunities that better suit their skills and experience.


How it works

REFiiNE screens and matches current applicants who were unsuccessful for the role in which they originally applied to other live job vacancies. Instantly reviewing their skills and experience to help guide qualified talent, to the right role.

“It’s great to have a tool that automatically and regularly checks job applications and tells us which candidates are the best fit.”
HR Manager, Alstom Transport SA

Build fast-moving candidate pipelines. See REFiiNE in action.

How talent pipeline technology works

Identify the potential in every single job application

Leverage applications and collaborate with talent pipeline referral and recommendation automation.

Talent pipeline animation

Why REFiiNE?


Optimise candidate application response handling through intelligent recommendation and referral.


Ensure opportunities are maximised from every single application received (regardless of role applied for).


Channelling applications to the right jobs helps better organise ATS workflows.


Drive collaboration and knowledge sharing between hiring teams through the automatic referral of relevant candidates to colleagues.


Improve candidate experience and engagement by ensuring the best matches between applications and vacancies.


Eliminate missed opportunities and be first to qualified candidates who have already bought into your brand.

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