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Getting started with CiiVSOFT

Think of CiiVSOFT as two parts.

CiiV – to ‘CiiV’ is to sieve, examine, separate and narrow down. If you’re interested the CiiV element of the logo is designed to show the people that exist inside a CV (or resume)

SOFT – the software behind the sieving process that fuels our core CiiV technology.

We develop recruitment automation tools and software which helps talent acquisition teams and job seekers.

We’re headquartered in the North West of England at the Sci-Tech campus near the village of Daresbury in Cheshire. Daresbury is pretty famous as it is the birthplace of Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland.

Our technology helps you to streamline your hiring process. Through different solutions, we automate CV/resume screening, automatically source applicants within your existing ATS candidate database and extend the functionally of your current ATS search function. We save time, money, remove bias and improve productivity for talent acquisition teams.

We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes but primarily for large and enterprise level customers. Our products work best for companies managing multiple job postings and a reasonably high volume of applications. We support recruiters and talent acquisition teams who experience time restraints, inconsistencies and pressure to fill roles.

We solve recruitment problems. We’re a team with both recruitment industry experience and technology expertise so we’ve experienced the problems we’re trying to solve. Our solutions have been designed by recruiters for recruiters in the most efficient and streamlined way; created and implemented by an innovative tech team.

At CiiVSOFT we believe in a human and technology partnership. We base the principle of our solutions on augmented intelligence and ensure technology is there to assist, support and aid the recruiter, not replace them. We work with our clients to meet their needs, implementing highly customisable software that involves a high degree of flexibility.

  How CiiVSOFT works

A helping hand. Our technology automates manual and repetitive recruiting tasks meaning recruiters and hiring teams can focus their time on more important aspects of their jobs, like engaging with candidates.

Our core solutions consist of:

ARKiiVE – Automated candidate search and discovery. For employers looking to discover existing applicants within their ATS database.

FiiLTER – Automated applicant filtering and sifting. A ‘top of the funnel’ sift for job applications, to eliminate the need to manual review CVs.

FiiLTER+ – Automated candidate referral and recommendation. An extension from FiiLTER with the extended capability to match applicants against vacancies beyond the candidates originally intended role.

FiiNDER – Extended search functionality of candidate data. Providing greater database search functionality within your ATS.

INSiiGHT – Analytics and reporting dashboard. For employers to visualise hiring data and trends.

Yes. Our solutions can either work independently of each other or together.

Yes. Our solutions provide multi-lingual processing in over 75 languages (and growing), meaning we can support hiring at a global scale.

CiiVSOFT does not take into consideration any personal or sensitive information related to a candidate application. Potential bias influences are removed and the determining factors for candidate progression, refocus back onto skills and experience.

  CiiVSOFT and your Applicant Tracking System

Currently CiiVSOFT integrates with a number of major Applicant Tracking Systems including:

  • Greenhouse
  • iCIMS
  • SuccessFactors
  • Taleo

If you don’t see your ATS listed then don’t worry, we are continually working on new integrations with leading ATS providers. If you’re interested in partnering with us please contact our team partners@ciivsoft.com.

No. Our core solutions are designed to work seamlessly within the ATS environment. This means less work for you and there’s no new software, platforms or logins to learn. You can continue to use your ATS as normal and our technology will work in the background to deliver additional performance, features and benefits.

All we need to know is who your ATS or recruitment technology platform provider is, so then we can begin the integration. As we deal with platforms directly it means set up is simple and no additional IT resources from your side are required.

For any enquires please contact support@ciivsoft.com or call for urgent issues call 44 (0)330 223 2411

  Pricing plans

Our pricing models are based on a subscription fee. This includes monthly/annual licensing fees (dependant on the agreed length of usage) to cover access to CiiVSOFT service(s), ATS platform connection, unlimited users, maintenance, support and upgrades.

As well as application processing fees that are priced on a ‘per application basis’ to ensure you only pay for applications for jobs that are sent to CiiVSOFT for processing.

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our pricing consists of two components a flat-rate fee for solution services and application processing fees for the number of applications received and processed each month during the subscription period.

Yes. We always offer a free no obligation demo. A member of our team can introduce CiiVSOFT, guide you through a demo and answer any questions you may have. There is absolutely no obligation and we don’t employ ‘hard sell’ tactics.

  Privacy and data

Yes, we take data security extremely seriously. CiiVSOFT is a Cyber Essentials [potential link to CE?] certified business. Our data is secure and meets the highest government UK data standard as well as being completely GDPR compliant.

We are GDPR compliant operating business. We do no store or process personal data or personally identifiable information regarding our client’s data. We enforce high levels of encryption, anonymity and security within all our systems. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

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