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Hiring Automation – Creating an Equal Start for Candidates

“Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance.”

In terms of hiring, automation can be used to save time, costs and ultimately lead to a more efficient hiring process. By incorporating an automated approach to a recruitment process, tasks that are usually carried out by a human will then shift and instead become dependent on technology.

According to a CareerBuilder study, One-third of employers (34%) don’t use technology automation for recruiting candidates. Some argue tech is being used to replace the human worker. However, within recruitment and hiring teams, technology can instead be used to assist professionals and help them manage their heavy workload – with the ultimate aim to improve productivity and quality of hire. Not only does automation facilitate certain stages of the hiring process for the recruiter but it can also be beneficial for the job seeker. For example, if 100 applicants apply for any given job role, the recruiter or employer may not have the time or resources to manually review all applications without the presence of technology. Being unable to screen all applications quickly and effectively can severely impact the hiring process right at the start and lead to a poor candidate experience.

Fair opportunities for all

To avoid and minimise the risk of an unfair hiring process, employers and recruiters can implement a technology-led approach to their recruitment strategy. By choosing to use automation, it means all potential candidates who applied for a specific role will be considered. This is particularly beneficial during the initial candidate screening stage as it would significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to review a CV, creating an end result that is non-biased and following a process that considers all those who applied. This can result in all applicants being provided with an equal start and a potential opportunity to progress further in their job application as the decision would be based on factors within their control, such as how well their skills and experience match the job description.

Efficient hiring process

The time and resources it takes to manually sift through a large volume of CVs can result in each potential candidate not receiving the same equal treatment – causing an inconsistent and inefficient hiring process. Instead, by choosing to adopt technology to help reduce time-consuming tasks it can help streamline hiring and allow less room for human error. This is especially important during the crucial early stages of the recruitment process.

Ultimately automation has the capability to act as a valuable time-saver for the hiring professional and essentially the time spent manually reviewing job applications can be given back to them. Therefore allows them additional time to focus on other aspects of their role, such as ensuring a positive candidate experience and an overall effective hiring strategy, through added communication between candidate and recruiter. As a result, more time can then be invested in determining the right candidate fit for the role.

Food for thought…..

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