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How To Gain An Edge in Recruiting With Automation For SuccessFactors

As an active SuccessFactors user, I’m sure you’re well aware of the platform’s recruiting functionalities and features. Investing in HR tools is a great way to manage various functions such as recruiting, HR, talent management and employee experience. On top of this, SuccessFactors also offers the opportunity for users to level up their experience integration add-ons, which is exactly what we do here at CiiVSOFT automation.

To support your current recruiting strategy, CiiVSOFT is an all-in-one solution that automates those time-consuming administrative tasks at the top of the recruitment funnel.

Here’s how:

  • Screen job applications. CiiVSOFT helps to reduce the time spent screening job applications. It automatically reviews and matches talent against the job vacancy criteria and can effectively manage high-volume recruitment.
  • Search for existing talent and match against new job vacancies. If you’re sitting on a pile of resumes in your candidate database let CiiVSOFT screen past applicants for you and find matches to new job requisitions.
  • Refer and recommend candidates of best fit. If you find a job vacancy that attracts lots of unqualified talent, reroute these applicants to all other open job vacancies that better match their skill set.

What makes the CiiVSOFT and SuccessFactors partnership so great is that CiiVSOFT operates entirely behind the scenes. This means that you won’t have to take extra time from your day to start learning new technology or teaching others in your team how to use it.

Integrating with the technology you already use and love!

CiiVSOFT integrates flawlessly into SuccessFactors so you can start automating recruiting from within the technology you’re already familiar with.

Screening and sourcing are easy with CiiVSOFT because no separate interface or logins are required which guarantees your recruiting is kept in one place. Immediately get to work on finding qualified talent with technology that does not disrupt current recruiting workflows.

The perfect automation match

With CiiVSOFT you can start recruiting faster than ever before! Its powerful automation technology helps to reduce the time to fill so you can begin engaging with candidates faster.

Reduce time spent manually reviewing resumes by over 91%

Helping companies reduce the time from application to job offer to only 14 days

Reduce candidate engagement time to only 1 day (from application to first touch by a recruiter!)

  • Ramp up productivity and refocus your time and energy on areas of work that don’t get always get enough attention
  • Improve candidate experience. CiiVSOFT helps you gain back the time spent on admin work so you can refocus on the candidate. Providing job updates and personal contact with the candidate helps to improve the candidate’s experience massively
  • Accelerate collaboration between hiring teams with automation working in the background you have more time for knowledge sharing between teams to identify the best candidates for a role.

CiiVSOFT also helps you to take the right steps to safeguard against bias by only screening for job-related factors such as candidate skill set, experience and education.

Getting started is easy!

Watch a quick video to see how CiiVSOFT gets to work in SuccessFactors: Automation for SuccessFactors here.

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