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The Power Of Your Existing Talent Database

For a single hire, a recruiter devotes a significant amount of time. Time spent advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and engaging with candidates. All to make that final hiring decision. When the recruiter has made up their mind, they have the difficult job of reporting back to the unsuccessful candidates and informing them about their rejection. At this point, the recruiter often suggests keeping the candidate’s details on file for future positions. Although this is a thoughtful suggestion, it is rarely followed through.

Nowadays, we are able to rely on smart technology to automatically match our existing talent to our live vacancies.

Historic Candidates

Now that such intelligent technology has been introduced, it seems somewhat absurd that something like this wasn’t created sooner. Re-engaging with candidates who have already ‘bought into your brand’ seems so straightforward and obvious. Not only have you already built a rapport with them, but you can also save yourself a substantial amount of time. Time spent advertising, sourcing and engaging with new candidates.

In the recruiter’s defence, before the birth of intelligent hiring technology, matching past candidates to live vacancies was seen as a particularly time-consuming and unreliable task. Recruiters found it much easier to source new candidates due to the lack of accurate hiring tools. This often meant leaving the historic candidates to disappear into the black hole of recruitment. Now, with the introduction of such convenient and intelligent technology, we have the ability to re-engage with historic candidates with ease.

Personal Relationship

Sometimes hiring decisions can be particularly challenging, especially if you are having to choose between two perfect candidates. Thanks to recruitment technology, we can now maintain the bond between ourselves and the unsuccessful candidates. We can trust this technology to accurately match our live vacancies with our existing database. This adds a personal touch to the hiring process, instead of forgetting candidates that weren’t successful, you are using technology to re-consider them for future vacancies.

Brand Reputation

By delivering such a positive and intimate hiring process experience you are massively prospering your company reputation. No doubt, the candidate will be more than satisfied with this personal and enjoyable experience. Research by CareerBuilder found that¬†56% of candidates who felt they had a positive hiring process experience said they would seek employment with the company again in the future. Thus, by adding these essential tools to your recruitment process, you are massively reducing your time and cost to hire but also improving the hiring experience for the candidate too. All in all, this positively affects your company’s reputation and candidate retention rate.

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