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Finding Top Talent At Your Fingertips

How top talent can already exist at your fingertips…

For hiring teams, finding the ‘perfect’ candidate can be near impossible because often it doesn’t exist! Choosing to invest high amounts of time and resources into sourcing new potential candidates can be a costly and time-consuming process. Instead, talent discovery technology allows hiring professionals to look inside their already existing database for relevant candidates for a specific role. Allowing hiring professionals to recruit more efficiently and effectively.

Re-engage with past candidates

Having previously invested the time, resources and effort into acquiring these candidates, it’s only right that their details are utilised. Traditionally those who have been unsuccessful when applying for a particular role are told they will be ‘kept on file’ for when an appropriate new role arises. However more often than not hiring managers simply do not have the means to commit to their promise. Overlooking these candidates can mean top talent goes unnoticed. They may not have been right for the first initial role they have applied for but their job opportunities are limited if they are not considered for any future roles.

How to do this

Recruitment software has the capability to allow employers and hiring teams to search within their existing candidate database to discover those who may have been unsuccessful in previous roles but consequently have the ability to present the job seeker with new opportunities. The technology will then automatically match the candidates to open vacancies, to which they will then receive a job alert notifying them of any opportunities that may be of interest to them. By doing so it acts as a valuable time saver for many hiring managers and recruiters, who will no longer have to spend a high proportion of time scrolling through new applicants.

Key benefits

Finding talent already existing within a talent database allows hiring teams to save time and make more efficient hiring decisions. Due to the reduced pressure to seek new talent and instead focus on the talent recruiters and employers already have. Choosing to incorporate hiring technology into a recruitment strategy will also increase the possibility of an improved candidate experience. As unsuccessful job seekers are often left feeling disappointed for not securing a potential role but for also not hearing back from the employer or recruiter once they are told they will be ‘kept on file’. Resulting in a negative candidate experience. Whereas this can be improved with the assistance of technology, to improve candidate and employer engagement levels to ensure they are informed and knowledgeable about any future roles. No candidate wants to feel forgotten or left behind!

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