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Why A Personalised Hiring Experience Matters In Your Recruitment Strategy

Why a personalised hiring experience matters in your recruitment strategy

By achieving a certain level of personalisation within a recruitment strategy, it has the potential to make a candidate feel like an individual rather than just another job seeker amongst lots of others. If employers and recruiters adopt new techniques and technology which customise the “communication experience” it can significantly improve the candidate experience in their recruitment process.

Positive hiring experience

Job seekers want job updates. They want to know their application has been received and when they can expect to hear back from the potential employer. Whilst this is not always feasible to reply to every applicant depending on the number of CVs a job opening attracts, hiring technology allows for automated emails or notifications to be sent to prospective employees to inform them of the status of their application. Candidates value this because their efforts have been acknowledged and whether successful or unsuccessful they have received a response.

For those candidates who do not receive a response, they may feel reluctant to apply for a future role with the same company due to the lack of communication and potentially negative experience they received during their initial application.

Employer and candidate engagement

Whilst automated updates don’t work for everyone, candidates still expect a level of personalisation within their job search. A recent study determined 42% of job seekers felt an automated generic response to an application, undermined an employers credibility. Hiring technology allows for more tailored communications which can be key to achieving a positive candidate experience.

With more human interaction, it ensures recruiters and hiring teams are available to answer any questions or queries potential candidates may have. As well as being able to keep in contact with applicants to make sure they are happy and prepared for various different stages within the hiring process. This level of personalisation through communication can ultimately help make the most effective hiring decisions.

Employer brand

A strong employer brand acts as a powerful tool within a companies strategic business plan. Within hiring it can help attract new talent as well as retain it. Therefore in a recruitment strategy, it is essential for potential candidates to receive a positive experience. This can help contribute to an overall improved brand image and be more likely for unsuccessful candidates to reapply again in the future or recommend others do the same.

However, if a candidate feels dissatisfied with a certain stage such as not receiving a response from a potential employer once their application has been submitted, they can quickly write a negative review online. Social media provides them with a platform to voice their opinion and their post can be reached by thousands (or even more!). Glassdoor also allows candidates to review the hiring process and inform other potential job seekers of their annoyance. Whilst, alternatively those who had a positive experience may be willing to spread the good word to others and inform them about the ease of their application process.

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